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After Gov. Cuomo Sites Increasing Covid-19 Hospitalizations in New York City, Indoor Dining to be Closed

Albany, New York City- Andrew Cuomo, the governor of Albany City in New York State has taken yet another decision on Friday to halt the spread of coronavirus. The decision orders the indoor dine ins in New York city to be suspended from Monday, December 14 as a rise in the covid-19 cases has been detected.

What Andrew Cuomo Said In His Statement

Andrew Cuomo, who is an American politician, lawyer, and author. He is currently serving as the 56th governor of New York since the year 2011. He is a member of the Democratic Party and was appointed to the same position as his father, Mario Cuomo, who was held with the position for three terms. After observing the increase of covid-19 cases in the city, he has decided to end the indoor dine ins in the city.

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Andrew, in his statement, said that has decided to suspend indoor dine ins because of the rise in hospitalizations in the five municipalities, a boost in the transmission rate, and the city’s natural consistency. Cuomo also said that currently, he is working on the “theory of doing everything that you can but within a particular reason”. Moreover, he is also still scrutinizing what to do in the suburbs and the rest of the state.

He stated that the increasing rate of transmission is a huge problem, especially in dense areas. To his statement, he also added, “In New York City, you put the CDC warning on indoor dining together with the rate of transmission and the viscosity of crowding, that is definitely a bad circumstance. However, outdoor dining and take-out facilities are still accessible to the people.

How City’s Restaurant Owners Reacted

Cuomo called his decision to shut down the indoor dine ins as “reasonable” to halt the spread of coronavirus. However, the restaurant owners are not happy with the decision and said to Cuomo that, “depends on your definition of reasonable”. The state officials said that they have analyzed over 46,000 data points and discovered that 74% of Covid-19 spread in New York is due to the household gatherings.

The state officials also stated that 1.43% comes from the cities bars and restaurants which are the fifth-highest cause of infections. Maria DiRende, the owner of Enzo restaurant located on Arthur Ave, said that the crazy numbers calculated by the city officials don’t really add up.

DiRende said that Governor Andrew’s judgment won’t work much effectively to prevent the spread of coronavirus as nothing can really happen if people don’t come out to eat. She also added that decision of putting restrictions on indoor dine ins will only result in more home gatherings. She ended her message by saying, “It’s just, none of it makes sense”.

Gov. Cuomo

Cuomo declared earlier in the week that he would close down all indoor dine ins in the city unless the number of people hospitalized for coronavirus becomes steady, but it has not, so the decision was taken. Hair salons and personal care establishments have a 0.14% spread, whereas the gyms who have a 0.06% spread, will be enabled to stay open.

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