Safe Game or Game Changing Move by Jeff Bezos Over his $10 Billion Charity


Many development activities carried out by industries and organizations made the earth to suffer more than ever in the past decade. If the same continues to happen, then there is no future for the earth. To overcome these environmental challenges world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos has stepped with a bigfoot indeed.

Bezos game-changing move :

If there is anything that can be done to save the earth from environmental disasters then it would be a great effort by all the environmental activists. To boost them Jeff Bezos has made a big announcement of 10 billion dollars.

World’s richest man has indeed made the world’s biggest charity ever. Recently Bezos has granted 800 million dollars fund to many well-established non-profits organizations. This fund could indeed make a very big change in the US climatic situations.

Jeff Bezos played it safe :

There has been constant criticism from many environmental activists on Amazon CEO for not amending any plans for the betterment of the environment. Even many employees of Amazon have also stepped down last year for Jeff’s no move towards the environment.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Many such employees and environmental activists have stepped out to question Jeff over his concern for the drastic environmental change. After all such moments, Jeff Bezos has finally stepped out of that criticism and announced the fund. A man worth 184 billion dollars could do anything if he solely wishes for its betterment.

Now Bezos has finally made started his 10 billion dollar fund by playing it safe by donating to the world’s well-established organizations like Nature Conservancy. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has stated that he has many plans in the vault for such activities as he was a lot impressed seeing various smaller groups of intelligent people who are keeping all their life efforts for the betterment of the environment. So he gave a big thumbs up for such groups to give his massive funds.

All we need to do is wait and see how many fundings Jeff is planning on giving for small less established organizations. Because this will indeed bring in a bigger change than ever to the world.


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