According to Michelle Obama Mutual Respect to Election Results is A MUST for Nation’s Growth and Prosperity

Michelle Obama

The past few weeks were no less than a rollercoaster ride for all the world with the US presidential elections. It was tough for Trump and his supporters to take the truth out of it. This resulted in Trump to constantly deny the victory of Biden. Michelle Obama has an interesting take over this issue.

Trump’s repeated denial :

Even before the counting gets started, former US President Donald Trump was pretty confident that he is going to win again. But the tables shifted quite quickly as Joe Biden won over Donald Trump with a huge majority of 58 electoral votes.

This infuriated Trump to post right from the start of counting that there was some sort of misleading or disturbing practice happening in the counting process. He took this issue to even the Supreme Court. For which after a thorough investigation, Supreme court has announced that this was the fairest elections the US has ever had. Even this couldn’t satisfy Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama’s wise stand :

Michelle Obama could not participate actively in the electoral campaign of Joe Biden. But she made few videos and posted them online to support him. She finally showed her concern towards the nation stating that such allegation could directly destroy our nation which we love. The presidential post of USA does not belong to an individual or a single party. The right party led by the right persons will be get elected by the people to make this nation better. She shared her personal feeling when Trump won last year. Even she was disappointed in the outcome, but that should not make any conflicting moments between the leaders. This is in the better interest if the nation and the people’s welfare in it.

She further said that such comments which were out of personal interest or political benefits will strike down the wire of unity among the nation. This could tear down the nation in no time. She posted regarding this in an Instagram post so that people could see and get enough awareness of Trump’s allegations. In this way, the former First Lady has proved how wise she is with the vision of the nation.


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