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Riverdale Season 5 Fan Theories That Will Make You Go Bonkers

Trailer Riverdale Season 5


Sneak peek into the past Riverdale Season 5

The teen series taking its characters from the comic strip Archies Comics has thrilled and surprised fans since 2017. The fourth season of Riverdale wounded up abruptly in nineteen episodes because of Covid-19 leaving the fans in a shocker.

The previous season ended in mystery leaving fans to wonder who the mysterious villain was and who was behind the strange videotapes. But now there is hope with the shoot going on from early September and fans are awaiting the prom episode eagerly.

Renewal status of Riverdale Season 5

The new season of Riverdale is expected to be aired by January 2021. Fans are left to think as to how the show would change once the characters graduate from high school. There is a thought that the “Care Four” would split as they would join different colleges and if so how the show would move on. A time jump would be the best way to take the story forward because at the end of Season 4 the four friends had different plans to join various institutes of their choice.

Various other reasons could also be there for a time leap because the actors who play the four friends look, by age, closer to college graduates rather than high school students. Time-jumps are normally good in-between seasons. However, in Riverdale, this may happen immediately after the start of a season.

Cast and what to expect from Riverdale Season 5

The Central four KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camela Mendis, and Coul Sprouse look all set to continue in Season 5. But after seeing the first season of the new season it looks like Madeline Petsch and Vanessa Morgan will be returning to play Cheryl and Toni.

One actor for sure Skeet Ulrich who played Jughead’s father would be returning as confirmed by him siting “better creative opportunities”. Marisol Nichols Veronica’s mother has also left the show. On the other hand, Madchen Amick is all set to join Season 5. She also shared a Zoom chat picture of the new season. Moreover, she also expressed how happy she was to rejoin the cast of Riverdale.

Synopsis of Riverdale Season 5

As of now, most of the story of the new season is not revealed. However, lots are talked about the prom episode which was expected in Season 4. Season 5 will take off from where the previous season was left and after three episodes a time leap is expected. This thought of a leap has left fans wondering how the story would turn up now. Furthermore, what would happen when they all suddenly grow up and graduate to college?

Even though it is very hard to imagine the story without the four together but a change is always good. Maybe Season 5 would show the “Care Four” re-unite together later for some post-college fun. Lots can be expected when they rejoin to discuss all their troubled past. The actors of Riverdale Season 5 are also pretty excited as they would have to portray themselves as adult characters.

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