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How To Get Round Shoulders In (10 DAYS WITH VISUALS)

A big round shoulder is something which every man craves for round shoulders, each day every guy works his ass off to get the perfect inclined structure but still waning and hesitant to their abilities. The problem is how to get round shoulders, most average trainees are busy working out towards the making of their chest and biceps but what if I tell you that your back and your shoulders have a more significant impact on your overall appearance. Now the question arises, is there something like a seamless round shoulder? Or do you need to pay off a good amount from your pants to get a personal trainer’s guidance?

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The first thing you should clear in your head is that “it is not something which will grow overnight.” It really comes with a proper exercise combined with a proper diet and mental approach.  Here’s the thought, just a little hard and smart work which will assist you to accomplish this task, however not many people understand what a round shoulder is, it must be experienced to be understood. Don’t worry! Let me just give you a hands-on way to achieve handsome looking masculine rounded shoulders.

Furthermore, you should know the essential piece of information that is that a shoulder is collectively known as deltoids, consists of the three-headed muscle that plugs the shoulder area, namely Anterior (in the front), lateral (side) and posterior (at the back). Keeping this in mind always lays emphasis on the lateral head because when it comes to getting the cap specifically, the lateral head really is something to hold it on. It is directly the side of the shoulder, which will contribute to getting a broader look. The Second most central part is the posterior heads, and the least in consideration will be anterior heads, as when it comes to rounding the cap it doesn’t pop it in the same way other two heads do.

The Best Exercises To Build Big Shoulders


How To Get Round Shoulders?

Here are the 10 days of workout exercises that help in gaining round and big shoulders. It’s time for you to gobble a shot of strong black coffee and get on your toes and start working on this fantastic shoulder workout session with me. Also, I might be providing you a to-do list of all the exercises so that you can perform them anywhere, anytime at your home or at your gym followed by a tiny piece of the tip while carrying it out.

Rear Delt Raise

Rear delt raise or rear shoulder raise workout is an isolation exercise that primarily focuses on posterior deltoid muscle. Ultimately it strengthens and increases the size of the rear dealt which all together benefits the tissue to stabilize the shoulder and upholds posture. Therefore, always start your workout with this exercise.

How to do it – start off by standing on your feet holding 5 kg dumbbells each in your hands, then bend your upper body towards the ground and slightly curve your knees to lean over until your torso is equivalent to the bottom. The chest should be out and back must be horizontal. Lift the dumbbells towards your back.

Your elbows should always be somewhat higher than your hands while your pinky should be pointing up at a 45-degree angle as shown in the picture below. Do 15 reps. Exhale as you lift. After taking a short break swap your dumbbells with 10kgs and do it with the same technique. Inhale as you release. Importantly, focus on the form and not on the weight. Above all, you can add variations as per your requirement. Likewise, you can make it while standing straight or by sitting and uplifting varies from person to person.

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Pro tip: Map it! Do not carry substantial weights while performing this exercise as shoulder muscles are the weakest of all. Using too much pressure may surge the probabilities of little tearing of muscle tissue.

 Alternate Dumbbell Press

Second most weighty exercise is the alternative dumbbell press or shoulder press. This exercise should be a staple in your daily routine. This is typically performed with a variety of variations, and that inside you can also make the workout more intense by adding some heavy masses to it. It hits directly on the deltoids which are crucial to shoulder growth. It not only adds symmetry to the body but it also majorly helps you in targeting a whole lot of upper body muscles and building bigger, wider and broader dealt with the passage of time.

How to do it-Step one is to sit on a military press bench or utility bench that has back and neck support. Grip the dumbbells weighing 15 kgs in each hand. Push the dumbbells up high! Keep in mind wrist should be straight breathing into the 90degree and again as you breathe out as the force going straight up. – Take 30 seconds each. Raise the weight in each set and decrease the reps precisely. For instance, 17 kgs- 12 reps; 20 Kgs-10 reps, 25kgs- 10 reps. After finishing off we will play a different set of game and rule to this game is you need to put some weight on your thighs and again do the shoulder press but this time with a lifeline do this only with 8reps.

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Pro tip: The muscle gets bored with repletion of exercises, and tend not to grow as a result you need to be a quickie by modifying them, as a result, it will help the muscle to develop and blow out or bounce out from your t-shirt!

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

Moving ahead with strength, we now move on to this wonderful exercise that gives a three in one solution: – It improves strength in the bones and ligaments, it improves bone density and provides stability to your wrists, elbows, and shoulders

How to do- sit on a bench with your feet on the floor spread apart to the width of your hips. Keep your back in a flat and neutral position and grip the barbell tight with your hands and make a 90 degrees angle with your upper arms and forearms. Breathe in through the nose and slowly lower down the barbell to your chest. Now push the barbell upwards by extending your elbows and breathe out through your mouth. 3 sets of this exercise are to be done. The first set should be done with 5kg weights and 15 reps. Second set with 10kg weights and 12 reps. And lastly with 15 kg weights and 10 reps. I recommend you take nominal loads, though you can increase the weight according to your strength.

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Pro tip- never increase the weight by looking at somebody else. Focus on your strength.

Front Raise

This is the best exercise that concentrates on the front shoulder and anterior deltoid. Front raises an isolation exercise meaning they only require movement along one joint. As a result, it’s a useful exercise for targeting a small number of muscles. Depending on your volume, completing front raises brings about an increase in your shoulder muscular size and strength.

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How to do it- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in both your hands and allow your hands to hang down with your palms facing the thighs. Keep your elbows straight and lift your right arm in front of you till it becomes parallel to the floor and then brings it back down. Complete the same movement with your left arm. Do at least 15 reps with each hand with a 5kg dumbbell in hand.

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Pro tip- HIGH-INTENSITY WORKOUT+ PAIN+ DIET= THE DESIRED BODY. So you better have control on all three.

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Side Raise

The side raise is the popular exercise that builds more massive deltoids which are rounded muscles on your shoulders. It is actually the best exercise if you are willing to grow shoulders like boulders. The benefits of this exercise extend to higher shoulder mobility. If done precisely and correctly, then it also benefits the core, the muscles in the upper back, arms and neck.

How to do it-  stand with dumbbells in your hand. Keep your back straight and brace your core and start lifting weights out to the sides until your arms are parallel to the floor with your elbows slightly bent. Then bring them back to the same position. Go for 3 sets with 20 reps each side with the weights that are apt according to your strength. There is no need to impress by opting for a heavier weight.


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Pro tip- the first two exercises are done with heavier weight to build mass, and the rest of the workout is done with lighter weights but with more reps do that there is more focus on the quality and striations of the muscle.

Upright Rows

They are the most crucial part of the shoulder workout. It is a movement that targets greater muscles of the upper back and shoulder area, which are vital for strength and power. It increases the muscular size and strength of the shoulder especially the anterior and lateral heads of the deltoid.  It also helps in building bigger traps that many fitness athletes crave for.

How to do it- This exercise will be drop set. It starts with a bicep barbell, and you have to add weights to both sides of the rod. Now lift the barbell up to your collarbone and bring it down back slowly. Inhale while you lift up and exhale while you bring it back down. Do 3 sets wherein the first two sets are to be done with 10 kg weight and 15 reps. The third set is to be done with 20 kg weight with 8 reps.

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Pro tip- fuel your body right before and after the workout.


The Finisher

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How would you feel if I put all your desired ingredients and sum them up all together in a recipe and serve it to you?  So, here’s a treat for you just gear yourself up and pick up your dumbbells and tighten your shoelaces as this is the ULTIMATE FINISHER!! It is an intense series of exercises which will not only increase the body’s fat-burning potential but also intensifies your stamina and strength.

How to do it- You might be wondering what it includes? Let me tell you it is an amalgamation of all the exercises you just got over with. You have to do 1 set of each of the above exercises. You start with 15 reps of rear delt raise. Continue with 15 reps of alternative dumbbell press. Followed by 12 reps of seated barbell shoulder press. Don’t stop make it pop with 15 reps of front raise.

Wipe off your sweat and start doing 15 reps of side raise. Last but not the least complete 15 reps of upright rows.

Pro tip- Adjust your weights accordingly so that you don’t overburden yourself.

The Bottom Line

There are no shortcuts to get rounder and bigger shoulders. All you need to do is go beyond limitations, and the key to this is practice, practice, and practice. Failure is not an option, success only comes to those who always stay hungry for a body. Make sure you Stick by the routine, too many additions of variations can be a problem.  But always challenge yourself a bit. You will experience results soon. Besides that, you might notice seeing your body too often in the mirror! Don’t freak out instead always measure your pump with a tape to see the progress. Just pump and hump!. Also, keep in mind that patience is crucial if you want to look at visible results.

So what are you waiting for? Just hop out of your bed, set aside your lethargy and get ready to sweat it out!! I Hope we solved your query to how to get round shoulders

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