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How To Tell If Any Type Of Yogurt Is Bad? (GREEK YOGURT AND ALL WITH IMAGES)

Yogurt is an item that we come across daily at a dairy store near our houses. Augmented with full of those active bacteria that make our bodies healthy also enriched with wholesome nutrients; like high in protein, calcium, and vitamin b6 & b12 not only this, but yogurt with probiotics can help in aiding digestion and heart problems. It is an exemplary immunity booster. Yogurt is something that we eat or sip daily. I bet there is something more insightful about this. So let’s explore it and how to tell if yogurt is bad?



The progression of bacterial fermentation produces yogurt. In a dairy, a cluster of bacteria modifies lactose (milk & sugar) into Lactic acid, this is the process which transforms it into a lot creamier and thicker paste which also gives us a tiny tangy taste. This is how yogurt comes into our life. It is fairly a simple process that anyone can eventually do at home.

Don’t you ever cry over spilled milk, because by the same time tomorrow it’ll be free yogurt and believe me, though it seems like a lot of work, and you would prefer buying yogurt directly from a dairy but trust me homemade yogurt actually tastes so wonderful and to be honest it actually is a money saver! .It only works on one simple basic theory you could have your homemade yogurt first thing in the morning tomorrow!

Nevertheless, yogurt has a long subsisting quality but it does not imply that it does not turn bad, yes it surely does, because, in the end, everything has a life. And at the end of the day, it is essentially old milk. There are certain basic ways to find out whether yogurt has gone bad or not?

now the question arises

HOW TO TELL IF YOGURT IS BAD? With A Sneak Peek On The Expiry

The answer to the question of how to tell if yogurt is bad?  The first and foremost requirement is to check its expiration date. Frequently people are concerned about Can you eat yogurt past the expiration date? Or does the yogurt go bad after the expiration date? What people don’t know is that yogurt has a lifelong outside its expiration date that is printed on the package. In fact, if they are stored properly, regular yogurt can last up to a couple of months in the fridge whereas Greek yogurt can last up to a couple of weeks in the freezer. It varies on the kind of yogurt you buy. So, don’t worry if a bunch of halves eaten cups gazing at you from your fridge and are horrifying you to eat them or get rid of them.

yogurt is bad


Use Your Sense Of Sniff And Smell

This kind of seems self-understandable. Opened or not opened, yogurt can be rotten or nasty, it can vary. Use your sense of nose and eyes to detect if yogurt has gone bad? if you find that the yogurt seems all suspicious, and has developed a weird odor then you should get rid of it. It generally has a rancid smell if it has gone bad, and in some awful scenarios, it even smells similar to a stinking fish.

yogurt turned bad

Surface Liquid

Look for visual signs such as layering of a watery liquid on the surface of the container’s rim. Yet some amount of liquids is full of nutrients just stir with a spoon and you will notice the texture getting back to the usual and the fun fact is that it is safe to consume a certain degree of the surface liquid. It is totally normal yet scrumptious but if not then its time to toss it out of the door as it has actually gone bad. It may be due to the growth of microbial proteolysis in the yogurt. Make sure you do not consume it as you can risk yourself to food poisoning and in some cases, it may even extend or exaggerate to diarrhea. Yet tasting a small amount of spoiled yogurt won’t make you fall sick. So whenever you are in doubt, just toss it out.


yogurt mold


Nothing is more off-putting and disappointing than opening a cup of yogurt and realizing that fungus and mold have taken a toll on your yogurt. It might even get worse when you decide to take a spoonful of yogurt that looks absolutely alright and immediately after, you realize that it’s way past its prime. This type of yeast and mold contamination is actually the most common cause of spoilage. When they do pop up, they usually vary from off-white to orange and sometimes from green to black in color so you can easily make out that your yogurt has turned bad.

yogurt smelling


Shelf Life

While you should check the expiration date on your yogurt every single time, but you should also remember that you may still be able to eat yogurt past the prime time thus mentioned. Obviously, once you scrape off the seal, it is bound to perish sooner than later. But a sealed pack of yogurt can go places from one to two weeks past the sell-by date. In order to make most of the yogurt, you better place it in the freezer! It can last for two whole weeks if kept in the fridge and even two months if kept in the freezer.

Plus, you can even turn your stale boring yogurt to something fun and useful. Assume that the yogurt has expired it can be consumed but you don’t want to risk your health. But hey listen carefully don’t throw it out as yet. Rather make a facial mask out of it and relieve sunburns on your face if any. You can even make moss paint off it and help moss grow out in your garden.

Sit Out

The most asked question is how long can yogurt sit out? The answer is self-exterminatory the more you keep it out the fast it loses its quality. And do not keep the yogurt out of the refrigerator at room temperature for as it can last up to not more than two hours. As this increases the bacterial growth and may grasp a yellow pigmented moldy spot on the top of your yogurt. It happens with milk too. Make sure as soon as you bring it from the grocery the first thing you do is to keep the yogurt in the fridge below 40 degrees F.

yogurt sit out

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

If you are bizarre of throwing bad yogurt away, it’s a spell to swap your yogurt with Greek yogurt. Now the most driven question usually people get jumbled that what is the basic difference between regular and Greek yogurt anyway? Turn out the response to this is that there is a slight change. Greek yogurt is considered a bit of a healthier grub as compared to regular as it is chock full of more protein fiber and calcium just as much as beneficial as three jots of slender meat. Pressingly have less sugar yet more thickness and cream with the taste of tart.

In fact, according to the US news and world report, they have duple the sum of carbs and so many other nutrients which prove to be advantageous to the body like the iodine component which keeps the waist in check, no doubt yogurt provides you with healthy nutritious goodness inside, but it can also provide you beauty wonders outsides as well. With the presence of lactic acid in it, you can really get some sumptuous radiant skin as the skin remains vitalized with a reduction in wrinkles, blemishes, and open pores also. Not just this, it also exploits the dead skin cells and gives you a naturally beautiful glow.

With the alignment of fat and protein, it stays longer than you assumed. But Greek yogurt definitely turns bad with the passage of time. The more extensive it sits in the fridge, the more it turns the soggy ingredient form on the top of it. Of course, it starts smelling sour.

The big question is here, how to tell if Greek yogurt has turned bad? There are no big hows to it, just a few things that you should keep in mind. As the presence of a certain amount of surface liquid is absolutely fine as it contains nutrients but if it has covered a large amount of the top surface of the yogurt then dude its actually time to show its way out of the door. Secondly, take care of the emergence of mold and yeast over it, if it has started to grow, don’t you even risk consuming a bit of it.

Take a grocery run and get yourself a new tub of yogurt. Lastly, keep track of its shelf life. It’s no news that it surely does have a better shelf life than your regular yogurt. It lasts two weeks if kept in the refrigerator and lasts for two months if kept in the freezer. Because it’s a college kid trick to keep it in the freezer to make it last longer.

These above points easily answer the question


How To Use Some Extra Yogurt Before It Goes Bad?

  • Are yogurt leftovers ready to go bad? Don’t throw it yet rather use a spoonful of it in place of oil in your cake mixes. It especially goes well with chocolate and coffee cake mixes.
  • Want some refreshment without the hassle of going to the market? Don’t worry! Put some yogurt in a food processor or a blender and add fruits or nuts and make a scrumptious smoothie.

how to tell yogurt is bad

  • Use some yogurt in place of mayonnaise or any dip as a salad dressing and add lettuce or corns to drive away your salad fetish.

salad yogurt

  • Drained of eating curd as a part of your breakfast routine? Don’t chuck it out, rather add it in your homemade beauty collection. Just apply it with different compositions on your face and neck. You will notice the amount of variance. It’s tightness your pores and helps in fighting the stubborn breakouts and reduces discoloration.


  • Grab the tub of bad yogurt and apply it to your roots, layer by layer. It has the properties of smoothing which is great for cleansing and nourishment of scalp. The presence of lactic acid helps in hydrating tresses which anyhow means more growth!

expired yogurt

  • Be aware, tan lines! Yogurt is here to the rescue! Yogurt has an anti-bacterial property. Which helps in soothing the suntan. And get fairer and glowing skin.
  • Annoyed about buying costly pimple eradicating products? don’t worry here’s a solution. Mix it with honey and some globules of lemon. Let it sit for 15 to 20 mins and rinse it off. Do these 2 to 3 times a week and you will see the magic all by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Yogurt ensures a healthy diet and keeps you refreshed. It is a product that gives a treat to the taste buds while being healthy at the same time. it outlives other products and should not be consumed when bad. Follow the steps and ensure you eat fresh and healthy and be happy so now we have explained everything about how to tell if yogurt is bad with images, we hope you will get what you were looking for.


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