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26 uses of Vaseline petroleum jelly

We have heard people praising Vaseline in and out about the humungous variety of uses that it has in store for the all of us. It in true sense is a super great invention that has made our lives a hell lot easier. I know most of you think of it as just another lip balm but that is not the case. The squeaky little bottle residing in a cabinet on your dressing table is waiting for you to put it onto a thousand other uses. We will get to the benefits later but first you must know what does it comprise of.

What is petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is an amalgamation of mineral oils and waxes which outline a semisolid jelly like material. It was first discovered in 1859 after it was noticed that oil workers used a gooey substance to cure their burns. This jelly was eventually packaged as Vaseline. As the name suggests, petroleum is the main constituent of Vaseline which basically seals your skin surface with a water protective barrier. This allows your skin to heal and restore moisture.  There are another trillion benefits that the Vaseline is eager to showcase to you. Enlisted below are some of the uses of Vaseline that you must bring into play. 

What Is Vaseline For?

A. Vaseline uses on hair

  1. Defrizzes your hair

Why to burden yourself with the products that burn a hole in your pocket when you have a humble jar of wonders right at home? Vaseline acts as a defrizz lotion for your hair. All you need to do is to grab a pack of Vaseline and pull out a small amount of it and run it through your hair with the help of the fingers thoroughly. Just make sure that you don’t go over the top with it because it makes your hair look greasy and oily and you are going to face a lot of trouble while washing it off.

  1. Say no to split ends

We see so many commercials offering various products to bid adieu to those ruff split ends. You don’t need to opt for the trial and test method because you have the verified product lying in front of you but you choose to ignore it. Yes, you got it right I am talking about the mighty Vaseline. Just portion out a tiny amount in your palms and run it through your ends and you will witness that your damaged hair is converted to “oh so amazing” hair in absolutely no time.

  1. Promotes hair growth

Just when you thought that Vaseline has limited benefits, it came up with so many more benefits. stronger and voluminous hair is what most of you dream off every night and day. Your wait has finally come to a standstill. You know the drill! Just take a teeny tiny amount of Vaseline and massage it starting from your scalp and ultimately reaching the ends to provide hair the moisture that it has been longing for this entire time.

  1. Can be used as a mousse

Have to rush to a party and have no time to rush to a salon? Fret not, you have your bestie right beside you ready to take charge whenever you want. So, here’s your chance put Vaseline into the right use. Smother minimal amount of Vaseline on your finger tips and gently dab it on your hairstyle and see how your mirror spells out “salon ready”.

  1. Cures irritated scalp

Dry and irritated scalp is one of the most frustrating things to happen to mankind. Get ready to never furthermore see dryness lying flat on your head. Just massage the apt amount of Vaseline on your scalp. This is going to encourage stimulation of blood and will relax your hair cuticles which will in conclusion result in moisturized scalp.

  1. Tames eyebrows

Beautiful and full eyebrows are a dream come true because they almost seem unachievable. They bring out your face features with utmost perfection. So, getting luscious eyebrows is super important. Just fill up the unasked gaps in your brows and make them look darker and fuller by just tapping a little quantity of Vaseline.

  1. Adds volume to the eyelashes

Long eyelashes portray eyes to look bigger and more attractive without even doing any effort. I know you must be thinking how are you going to grow eyelashes at this frikkin age! You don’t have to doubt our suggestions because Vaseline with the help of its nourishing properties can grow your eyelashes into thick and pretty ones.

B. Vaseline uses on skin

8.No more cracked heels

Does your cracked heels become for your utter embarrassment in public? Ready to be super confident and free of conscious by just applying Vaseline on to your heels overnight to make them smooth and supple. All you have to do is to hop on to your bed with pack of Vaseline and rub a coat of it on your heels and pull up your favourite pair of socks and let it sit overnight. What do you see the very next day? It is soft coated heels that are ready to be shown off.

  1. Prevents chaffing

This one’s for runners and athletes! Chaffing is super common to people who workout extensively. You don’t have to take more headache about this problem because Vaseline caters this area with efficiency. Chaffing is mostly common on the thighs so just spread Vaseline on that area and you will be never bothered about chaffing again.   

  1. Heals cuts

Regular usage of Vaseline on freshly incurred cuts and slits will prevent the particular area from scaring and promote faster healing. Vaseline also works perfectly during your post-surgery healing process. Keep in mind that the area you applied on is cleaned with caution so that bacteria doesn’t get trapped in it.

  1. Prevents skin stains

This one is highly recommended to all those who cover their hair with dye. Simply rub Vaseline along your hairline before you apply dye on your hair. Just is going to prevent your skin from being stained.

  1. Prevents diaper rash

This solves the biggest questions of all the mothers which is what to apply on their toddler’s diaper rashes. Vaseline is super natural and free of side effects and works instantly like magic on your child’s skin.

  1. Eases earring insertion

Earing insertion can be painful when done after a really long time. Ease this process by covering your ears by a thin layer of Vaseline and see how the studs slither through your ears without any hustle and sit perfectly on it.

C. Vaseline uses on lips


Are fed up of rubbing lip balm every then and now? But still you feel the dryness and chapped lips all the time? Here is a simple trick to say goodbye to chapped lips forever! Simply mix Vaseline either with 1 tablespoon brown sugar or with 1 teaspoon salt whatever option you pick. Mix it wisely and scrub it in a circular motion to gently exfoliate your lips. Do this for another minute or two and afterwards wipe it off and dab lip balm on your lips. You will feel softer, smoother and crack free lips in no time!

  1. Lip balm

Get ready to get a perfect pout of all time with the Vaseline lip balm. Simply take a pinch of petroleum jelly on your finger and spread it over your lips. Tadaa your lips are hydrated than ever, moisturized like forever and shiner for the rest of the day. Here’s the tip dab more on the centre of your lips to give an impression of fuller lips.

  1. Can be used to make lip colour

Are you also one of those who have a lip shade in mind yet you are unable to find it in all the leading collections that fall in your budget? You don’t even have to think about getting into this hustle anymore because you can get your desired lip shade right at home with the help of your constant companion Vaseline and Crayola. Just take a small amount of Vaseline and add melted Crayola of your favourite colour and blend well. here you go you have your customised lipstick ready to use.

D. Vaseline uses on makeup

17.Easy eye makeup remover

Instead of applying and spending hefty amounts on expensive makeup remover, put Vaseline on your eyelashes, lids and under eyes and with the few gentle wipes on your eye, the makeup will be removed in just few seconds. Don’t forget to close your eyes within those seconds and don’t tug it too hard on your eye lid. the Vaseline is safe to use but by any chance you feel irritation then immediately rinse it off.

  1. Can be used as a highlighter

Highlighter is super in these days and all the women out there are running around cosmetic stores to find the right highlighter for their skin yet they fail without a doubt. But here is a quick fix to get you out of this beauty pickle! A tiny Pat on your cheekbones and brow bones to get naturally luminous glow.

E. Vaseline uses on nails

19.Acts as a cuticle cream

There are a large amount of people suffering from the problem of dry cuticles. Vaseline solves this problem and makes it nil. The thin and non-greasy coating protects the cuticles from loosing moisture. The procedure that follows is that you have to apply this wonder jelly overnight and as soon as you see the light of the day, you also see soft and shiny hands.

  1. Absolutely no nail paint smudging

This one is a pro tip for all the nail paint enthusiasts! I am super sure that you must be fed up with your nail paint smudging with your skin. But anymore because Vaseline is here to the rescue!  Just outline your nails with Vaseline and apply your desired nail paint and you will see how there is absolutely no smudging.

  1. Aids nails to be stronger

Most women face the problem of chipping of nails but we have a quick fix for you. Immediately pat Vaseline on the surface of your nails and see how it works it’s magic on strengthening them right from within. So welcome stronger nails in your life!

F. Vaseline uses on general purposes

22. Makes perfume last longer

The multi tasker is not only good for your body but also does wonders when it comes to making your perfume last for a bit longer than ever. Before spritzing the perfume over yourself, dab a tiny volume of Vaseline over your neck, wrist, behind ears, and a bit inside your elbows to smell amazing all the time.

  1. Fixes stuck zippers

There are certain situations wherein at the very end moment our zipper gets stuck right in the middle. Sounds embarrassing right? I have the perfect hack for you. Just dab a little amount of Vaseline on your stubborn zipper and the slippery jelly is going to allow it to slide through.

  1. Firestarter

Stuck at a campsite and unable to start with a bonfire night? Don’t you worry just throw a cotton ball dipped in Vaseline in the woods and see how the fire instantly emerges?

  1. Lube for stuck objects

Vaseline is a hard taskmaster when it comes to stuck objects. So, don’t you panic when you have a ring stuck in your finger or stuck door hinges and swing the door for few times. just use Vaseline in, about and around the stuck object and see how it gently slides through.   

  1. Essential for pet paws

Pamper your pet’s dry and crack paws with soothing and moisturizing coats of petroleum jelly at night after cleaning their paws with a cotton swab. This will surely comfort your pets’ paws and also this will be sterile.

The Bottom Line

The sticky solution is a remedy for all your problems. This must be your sure shot go to product which you can completely rely on.


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