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How To Build Thigh Muscles (LIKE KAI GREENE)

Strong and muscular thighs are desired by many but attained by few. I don’t doubt the amount of hard work that you put in but I surely wonder whether it is smart work at the same time or not. If hard work gets amalgamated with smart work then those metal thighs will no more be just a dream but they will be a reality. All you have to do is to gear up and work hard towards a more toned physique. Conquer your head and keep your body empowered and this will surely pave way for amazing, out of the box results.

How to Build Thigh Muscles

Let’s begin with the basics! Starting off with the muscles that we cater when we indulge in a thigh workout. The upper leg or the thigh is inclusive of three large muscle groups which are hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. The quadriceps are basically responsible for extending your leg which is also known as adduction. The hamstrings make the back of the thigh and are liable for flexing the leg which is also known as abduction. Glutes is the strongest muscle group in the leg and gets activated in almost all the exercises.

6 mind-boggling thigh exercises

Now that you know the basics, we must proceed with the exercises and tips to get you going. So, without further ado let’s begin with the main task for which we are here. Below are the highly recommended thigh exercises that are going to make thighs from how to wow in no time!

  1. Weighted squats or goblet squats

The Squats are the most common exercise primarily compound for building stronger quadriceps and other large thigh muscles, hips and buttocks. This exercise is easy to perform without weights all you need to do is to simply stand with your back straight and lower yourself a few inches by bending your knees. Never go all the way down as it can strain your knees. Make sure you do this exercise carefully as wrong movement can cause you months of bed rest due to knee injury. Now as you know the basic way of doing squats for strengthening your bones. Let me just guide you how to do weighted squats or goblet squats. This exercise will work out of the box for glutes, squads, inner thighs and hamstring all in one go.

How to do weight squats or goblet squat?

  • Stand straight and spread your legs. Hold any weight or kettlebell by the horns close to your chest.
  • Squat down below until you reach an angle of 90 degrees. Make sure your head is up and back is straight.
  • Return to the starting position and do the set of 3 and repetition of 20
  1. Barbell stiff leg deadlift

This barbell move mainly focuses on hamstring and gives them a nice stretch. Also, barbell stiff leg deadlift makes them muscular and thicker over the time. In fact, it not just caters the thighs, this exercise is also ideal for building bigger back and offering leg strength. Do this exercise for enhancing overall muscle development. Scroll down to know how to do it!

How to do barbell stiff leg deadlift?

  • To begin the workout, stand by your feet and shoulder width apart.
  • Grab the barbell with both the hands and make sure your palms are facing you.
  • Slightly bend over your knees, lift the barbell and as you stand up retract your shoulder blades and nearly lock out your knees.
  • From here, lower the bar and keep your legs straight until you feel the stretch in your hamstring and glutes.
  • Then slowly pull back flexing your hamstring and glutes to bring the bar back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the set of 3 and repetition of 15

Caution: While performing this motion make sure you keep the bar close to your body and remaining tight to the core throughout the entire motion.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are another variant to build upper thigh muscle. Lunge refers to a single leg bodyweight exercise that works well on your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and gives you higher core strength and stability. What else lunges offers you? The list goes on and on as lunges give an overall powerful impact on your body by providing balance and coordination and at same time gives symmetrical toning which I doubt that the rest of the exercises might provide you. Now let me just brief you about how to do lunges but before that you should know lunges are categorised into two kinds stationary and second walking lunges. Do either of the two according to your choice but mostly recommended are walking lunges as it uses both legs and thighs.

How to do lunges?

  • In stationary, all you need to do is to stand tall with your feet hip width apart and hands held in front of the chest.
  • The starting position is that you take a large step backward with one foot.
  • Lower down the back knee to a 90-degree angle, so both the legs take the pressure to push the body back in the standing position and repeat the set of _.
  • In walking lunges, the downward position is same as above. However, the upward movement is a bit different. In this you need to put on the forward leg with all the muscles contracting extremely in the effort to stand straight again. You need to go forward then backwards and laterally on either side to hit up your muscles from each and every angle.
  • Repeat this 20 times for 4 sets
  1. Leg press

Leg press should always be on the top of the charts for those who are looking for muscular thighs. It targets N number of different muscles such as quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, soleus and adductor Magnus. The ability to rouse multiple muscle groups makes leg press more efficient than others. The leg press is also known for improving the speed and endurance of the body. Hence it is a must be on your go-to list.

How to do leg press?

  • Start off by using a leg press machine in your gym to perform this exercise. Set the weight you need to do.
  • Place your legs up on the platform and sit comfortably in the seat with your back and head placed on the pad to maintain a neutral spine.
  • Press your legs with full power until your legs are fully extended and stretched in front of you.
  • Tip: Do not lock your knees. The starting position should be that your torso and legs should be perfectly placed at a 90-degree angle.
  • Grab the handles and push through your heels while breathing out as you exert the force forward and as you breath in come back to 90 degrees.
  • Repeat this exercise for 4 sets of 20 reps
  1. Calf raises

Calf raises are another fantastic thigh exercise when it comes to attaining strong bulky thighs. Calf raises improves muscular strength. The muscle which calf raises emphasize on is gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. This exercise can be achieved anywhere anytime with weights and in fact without weights too. If you are looking for improving balance, posture and coordination then my friend add this exercise in your daily workout and get ready to be stunned.

How to do calf raises?

  • Stand straight with your torso upright and holding two dumbbells on each hand on a wooden board. While your heels extend off and touch the floor as you start.
  • Raise up your heels off the floor as you breath out by contracting the calves. Hold that position for a second
  • Come back to starting position by lowering the heels on to the ground while you breath in.
  • Repeat this exercise for 4 sets with 25 repetitions each.
  1. Legs extension

The ultimate finisher is here to conclude your workout in a way that is phenomenal! After performing compound exercises such as squats or dead lifts, in last you should always focus on targeting muscles selectively. The leg extensions will not only strengthen your muscles but will also give you stronger and massive thighs which you have been craving for since eternity.

How to do legs extension?

  • Initiate this by using leg extension machine. Then adjust your back along with the pad while adjusting ankle pad too.
  • Set the weight according to your strength then sit on the machine with your legs under the pad and your knees lined up with the pivot point of machine. Hold the side bars as this is your starting position.
  • Exhale on full extensions at the top while squeezing your quads for a second then inhale all the way down to the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise for 4 sets with 15 repetitions each.

10 Tips you should keep in mind if you want to build thigh muscles

Following are some tips that you should store in the lockers of your brain if you are looking for attaining stronger thigh muscles. Don’t just read and forget but incorporate them as well.

  1. Eat loads of protein

Since you are looking forward to building muscles, you must also know that your body uses up the protein for the process. So better keep a check on your protein intake. It’s advisable that you take beans, legumes and tofu. If you continue to struggle to meet your daily protein needs jump on to protein shakes and milk. Adding supplements like Creatine too can do the job perfectly for you.

  1. Intake more calories

Don’t get super excited and start gobbling up junk food just because you heard the word calories. By calories I mean that you should take in the calories from the healthy foods so that your body feels empowered. Just eat lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, avocados, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Opt for coconut and olive oil for cooking. Keep fried foods and trans-fat at bay.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is super essential for your body at all times. I don’t even need to mention that it keeps you hydrated while you work your ass off and flushes out toxins to keep your body in better shape and state. Aim at sipping 10 glasses of water a day and you’ll be stunned to see the results.

  1. Take up running

Running is preached by one and all and is a no brainer. Running involves quadriceps and hamstrings and shoos away hundreds of calories within just an hour. Running requires both cardiovascular and muscle strength and regular running boosts both of them too. The pros should obviously go for longer runs and the beginners can settle for 20 to 30 minutes run time. Be it a treadmill or a park, just get on the run.

  1. Get on and start cycling

If you don’t want to run for whatever reasons best known to you like if you find it boring or if you have joint pains in the knees or ankles, you still have the option to go cycling. Though it is a less impactful alternative to running but it’s obviously super fun. Cycling engages the quadriceps, glutes, calves, hamstrings and the adductor muscles to bring about a well-designed workout for your legs.  Just adhere to bicycling whether in the gym or in your neighbourhood to welcome strong metal-like thighs.

  1. Climb up and down the stairs

Now you cannot crib any further about not having the time to exercise as a reason for your failure at having muscular thighs. You ask why? Simply because the stairs in your home that you generally use to get to the other floor, use it for more productive uses. Leave your lethargy behind and ascend up and down the stairs for like ten minutes and this will result in a full-fledged toner for your legs and thighs. Doing it for a mere minimum 10 minutes will be fantastic!

  1. Go kickboxing

When you thought that kickboxing just made for good defence training and made you look a bit cooler in the crowd, kickboxing came with another up. Kickboxing amounts for too many kicks which flex the hamstrings, quadriceps and other leg muscles to perfection. So quickly search for a good trainer, dial his number and fix a trial session and get kicking.

  1. Swim your way through

Swimming is a phenomenal complete body exercise and toner which benefits your skin in so many aspects that you can’t even ignore it. The water provides resistance against which we kick ourselves ahead in order to swim through. Since we want greater emphasis on our thighs, you hold a kickboard in your hands and let your legs do the entire job. This will tire your leg muscles and strengthen them.

  1. Maintain a proper training schedule

Achieving stronger, muscular, toned thighs is not an effortless job. It requires you to be active and decked more than you usually tend to be. You definitely must plan a fitness routine for yourself. You have to surely workout for four to five days a week without a fail. Now that you want to build your muscles, your schedule should be something like wherein you indulge in strength training for three to four days, cardio on a single day and active resting for the rest days of the week.

On the days of rest just go for a stroll in a nearby park for 20 minutes or so. You will have to stick to your designed plan if you want the most effective results. It is super essential that you do cardio and never give it a miss because it is responsible for burning the fat that lies above the muscle and hides it. Plan and begin!

  1. Set your goals straight

This tip is more to keep you motivated and to conquer your brain. Just set goals for yourself and decide the time in which you want to fulfil them. Don’t be too hard on yourself and make plans that are impossible to achieve. Go liberal on yourself and stick to them and you will see that you have rock-solid thighs within no time.

The Bottom Line

Incorporate these exercises in your workout sessions and imbibe the tips in your daily routine. I am one hundred percent sure that you will witness impeccable results thereof. There is nothing stopping you now and only you can be responsible for any halt. So, buckle up, put on your earplugs and get going!


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