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What Will Be The Fate of Thomas AKA Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Peaky Blinders Season 6


Peaky Blinders is one of the best series of Netflix so far. It is very popular on Netflix. This show is based around a young gang of England lead by Thomas Shelby. Season 1 was premiered in 2013. From then onwards it has got so much love from the fans and viewers. This show is based on the Gangster genre.

Last season of Peaky Blinders has left Thomas in a bad state. In one of the interview, the show director told about the opening of season 6 with the same tense state where season 5 ended. Fans and viewers are excited to see Thomas Shelby in action along with his family.

The director also gave a hint that there will be a new entry of female character.

Thomas Shelby in Previous Season


As the story goes, Tommy takes control of the city which caused him to have made new enemies. The main thrill of Tommy is seen at the end of season 5. In the series, Thomas Shelby is suffering from PTSD( Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder), which worsen his situation and his close encounters with death and alcohol. Even his wife Grace Shelby died in season 3 and blamed Tommy for her fate. It is shown that now his wife has come to take him and forces him to bring his life to an end.

The most shocking bit was Alfie’s return from the dead. He was the one who was actually killed by Tommy but he was not really killed. Rather, he was just hurt. The season ends depicting that Tommy has some suicidal thoughts. In the end, Tommy was seen walking towards the vision of Grace Shelby and his beloved horse. Before the screen becomes black, Tommy screams and points the gun on his head. What would happen in the next season?

What would be the Fate of Tommy in Season 6 


In the last season, Tommy lost his mind as he was seen on the way to kill himself. It would be interesting to see whether Tommy will press the trigger or not. Is this the end of Tommy Shelby?

Well, the spoilers of season six have confirmed that Thomas does NOT die by his own hands. We all know in season 4, John Shelby was killed at the beginning which was a really big shock for everyone. He was one of the main character in the series. So, the death of Tommy would be a heartbreaking scene which is not possible for viewers to handle. Tommy is the main character and he continues to maintain the thrill in the season. So his ultimate death is not at all possible.

The starting of season 6 would start from the exact place with Tommy holding his gun, and with a life-threatening situation. Even a new female character might get introduced in season 6 which would take the season to another level.

So, in season 6 Tommy’s luck will support him and his life will be safe and secure. It would be interesting to see what happens to other characters though. Fans are expecting more thrill and suspense this time!

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