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The Rookie Season 3 Expected Release Date and Some Unexpected Plot Changes

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The Rookie Season 3
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Sneak Peek into The Rookie

Cop drama shows are always the go-to shows when bored. I have never regretted watching any cop-drama show. Though all of them are made upon a similar concept and borderline, The Rookie is no less than a prime-time cop-drama. Nathan Fillion is the star of the show.

2018 ABC came out with an action-comedy show called The Rookie. Furthermore, it had all the ingredients to stand out. The quirk, the comedy, the action, and the thrill of a fast-paced cop show. The Rookie is based upon the true story of Bill Norcross, who is the executive producer of the show too. It is a story of a rookie officer and his squad in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Renewal Status of The Rookie Season 3

The show aired for the first time on 16th October 2018. The show was released with a lot of promise. It stood out to all of the expectations. Since it got aired, people started talking about it everywhere. The show got a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.1 on IMDB. It even got nominated for Best Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series in The Emmy 2020. It is a tremendously pacey show with high octane action sequences. That is what a cop show should be about. This series has given us glimpses of its long-run success.

The Rookie Season 3
The Rookie Season 3 Source – Google Images

ABC has not declared anything regarding the release date or so. However, it is for sure that the show is going to have a third season. It is because Nathan Fillion has announced being “excited” for the next season. Also due to the pandemic situation, it is tough to say or predict a certain date/month for the release. But a mid-2021 release could be expected.

Cast and What to Expect from The Rookie Season 3

The cast of the series is a major positive for the fans. Very powerful and impactful performers are there in the series. They lead the node of attraction for the fans along with the primary action-packed plot of the show.

  • Nathan Fillion in the role of John Nolan
  • Harold Perrineau in the role of Nick Armstrong
  • Melissa O’ Neil in the role of Lucy Chen
  • Alyssa Diaz in the role of Angela Lopez
  • Richard T. Jones in the role of Wade Grey
  • Titus Makin in the role of Jackson West
  • Eric Winter in the role of Tim Bradford
  • Mekia Cox in the role of Nyla Harper

Synopsis and Plot Changes for Season 3

The Rookie Season 3
The Rookie Season 3 Source – Google Images

The finale of The Rookie Season 2 was a complete cliffhanger. There were unanswered questions all over the show’s ending. John Nolan’s innocence and his friend betraying him was a complete shock to everyone. Furthermore, the show also introduced a lot of sub-plots.

It empowered a thought of a spin-off in the making. Moreover, there were a lot of speculations regarding the plot change of the show in season 3. However, it is highly unlikely to happen since the fans are hooked onto it and waiting for the endgame.

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