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Away Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Expected Plot Twists and Changes

Away Season 2 Trailer

Sneak Peek into Away

Netflix recently released its space adventure series Away. And it is mind-blowing! The show is a space adventure series with Hilary Swank leading the way. She plays the protagonist and she is as beautiful and as powerful a protagonist can get. Her screen presence is phenomenal and the plot of the show is really gripping.

The show is all about an all-human space venture to Mars led by Emma Green. Emma is a stubborn yet strong woman who actually has a family to be there for back on Earth. However, her passion is aligned to the mission which she has to make successful.

Renewal Status of Away Season 2

Away Season 2 was released by Netflix on September 4th, 2020. Before the show, the trailer also released and it was an instantaneous hit. It became one of the most anticipated shows coming onto Netflix. Also, it was the popularity of Hilary Swank and the producer Matt Reeves which triggered a lot of their fans and created the hype.

Moreover, the makers were pretty sure that the show’s future will be based upon how the first season performs. Therefore, by the looks of it, the show has got a green signal to go ahead. However, the makers have not yet announced the second season. The current reviews and the reactions from viewers are very clear. The viewers are happy and quite hooked onto the show. So viewers are waiting eagerly for the second season.

Away Season 2
Away Season 2, Source – Google Images

Probable Cast Changes and What to Expect from Away Season 2

Firstly, the cast of the show is outstanding. Beautiful and empowering casting members are there in the team. The portrayal of onscreen characters is also brilliant. The character layering is well executed by the actors. Furthermore, Hilary Swank surely is one of the most under-rated actors in the Hollywood Industry. Her talent has been overshadowed many times in the Rom-Coms and the quirky movies.

Ensemble casting is positive news for the show. All the actors have made their own sort of fan base with this one season on the run. Moreover, that has definitely caught the eye of the makers and creators. So it is likely to see all of the characters returning for the second season.

  • Hilary Swank as Emma Green
  • Mark Ivanir as Russian Cosmonaut Misha
  • Vivian Wu as Chinese Leader Lu
  • Ray Panthaki as Doctor Ram
  • Ato Essandoh as Kwesi
  • Talitha Bateman as Alexis Logan
  • Josh Charles as Matt Logan

Away Season 2
Away Season 2, Source- Google Images

Synopsis of the Show 

Away Season 1 is at the peak of its hyped-up period. People are inquisitive and bingeing the show. The show follows Emma Green and her excavation with her international crew to Mars. Now, the show revolves a lot around the family aspects. Other themes of the show are extra-terrestrials, outer space, hope, achievement to mankind, etc. All these themes are widely covered by the show.

The viewers consider the show to be extremely thrilling as well and find themselves on the edge of their seats. One of many reasons for a season renewal is the finale which was sort of a cliffhanger and kept the fans asking for more.

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