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Will The Last Kingdom Season 5 be the End of the Franchise?

The Poster of Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5
The Last Kingdom Season 5

Last Kingdom Season 5 is back!

The Last Kingdom is back with its season 5. It is the most awaited season by the fans. Fans are now waiting for the next batch of the episode to arrive. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show may take a bit longer time to telecast.

But the wait will be worth it because a recent tease from The Last Kingdom assured Uhtred’s ‘greatest heartbreak’ in the story to appear.

Season 4 of The Last Kingdom was full of action for Uhtred and his supporters. Last Season was the bang and fans are hoping for a thrilling season this time as well.

Renewal Status of The Last Kingdom Season 5:

The Last Kingdom Season 5
The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom is finally coming back with season 5. The announcement of the season left everyone excited and fans are hoping for a fantastic season this time. The fifth season will continue with the story of Uhtred.

The executive producer of the show said that they are very proud of this show as the show goes on entertaining the viewers. They had a very fantastic response for the last season. So they are overjoyed to bring the 5th season.

There is no update about the release date because of the coronavirus. This could lead to a delay in the show. The show’s normal 18 months production cycle would be disturbed this time due to the pandemic.

A video on social media featuring Alexander announced the return of the 5th Season of The Last Kingdom. Everyone got excited about hearing the good news.

Cast and What to Expect From The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5
The Last Kingdom Season 5 Cast

CAST:  Alexander Dreymon will be coming back with his role as Uhtered. Millie Brady will be coming as Lady Aelthelflaed. Timothy Innes will be returning as King Edward.

Osferth (Ewan Mitchell), Finan ( Mark Rowley), Sihtric (Arnas Fedaravicius), all who were the faithful followers of Uhtred will be returning too!

The return of Eliza Butterworth is in doubt because her role as Lady Aelswith was left hanging. Her return is doubtful.

Fans are eager to see some new faces again as always new characters are introduced in every season.

What to expect: This time in Season 5 Uhtred will face his biggest enemy and will have to suffer the greatest loss. King Edward’s firstborn son will appear in the season to the fullest as he was just briefed in season 4. Uhtred will lose some people close to his heart. As Uhtred will face his greatest loss, this could be an emotional series for the viewers.

Will The Last Kingdom Season 5 Be The End of The Franchise?

The Last Kingdom Season 5
The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last kingdom has twelve books on the whole. Season 5 may not be the end of the franchise because it will only cover books 9 and 10. Fans are hoping for more seasons as their emotions can’t stop here.

Season 5 cannot be the end of the franchise because there is so much to come up with. 10 brand new episodes are coming on Netflix based on book 9 and 10! Hope for a thrilling season of The Last Kingdom. 

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