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The Big Question: Will Jughead Jones AKA Cole Sprouse be in Riverdale Season 5 ?

Background of Riverdale Season 4

The American teen drama Riverdale just winded up its fourth season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show creators had to cut the season short. Originally, the fourth season of the Riverdale had twenty-two episodes. However, later on, they were cut short to only 19 episodes in season four. Season four of Riverdale witnessed the adieu of many major characters in the series. Jughead Jones AKA Cole Sprouse is one of them. It seems as he is already half-dead in the season. The big question is, will he return in the fifth season of the show or not?

Is Riverdale Renewed for the Fifth Season? 

Riverdale Season 5
Riverdale Season 5, Source: Twitter

Fortunately, yes. There has been no official confirmation by Netflix or the show creators about the exact release date of the show. However, yes, the shooting for season five has started. Furthermore, it will be released most probably by January 2021. The shooting for the fifth season has already been started in September 2020. The cast was quarantined for fourteen days in Vancouver. Now, they have finally set off to work. Originally, the shooting was supposed to begin in July 2020 but due to the pandemic, all the schedules had to be shifted.

Are we Going to See Jughead Jones in Season 5?

Jughead Jones
Jughead Jones, Source: Elite Daily

Season four of Riverdale left the audience terrified about what happened to the teen writer Jughead Jones aka Cole Sprouse. It seemed as if he is already half-dead when it was shown that his body was lying in the woods. Jughead Jones is one of the major casts and the protagonist in the Riverdale series. Killing off such an important cast isn’t a very sensible job that would be done by the crew of the series. Moreover, this is not the first time when Jughead has been in such close contact with death. He has earlier almost died after he was left away being brutally beaten by Penny Peabody. Jughead Jones is the central character and he even narrates the whole show. This incident seems quite unlikely and it can be expected that it is just a part of the plot and he will return for season 5.

Who Else Can We Expect to See in Riverdale Season 5? 

The official cast is yet to be announced. However, we can surely assume a few characters to reappear in the fifth season of Riverdale. The central ones: KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse as Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead.

What Will Happen in Riverdale Season 5

Season five of Riverdale will begin with the gang’s graduation and prom night from Riverdale High. Moreover, there is going to be a time jump of almost seven years in the show. The season will continue further after the time jump, and will even skip the college days. Something very interesting will take place in the fifth season of the series. All the cast will now be turning into grown adults and their lives will be portrayed as such. We may also get to see some new couples hanging out with each other. All this suspense will unleash very soon as soon as the fifth season gets aired.

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