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My Octopus Teacher Part 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Everything A Fan Needs to Know.

The Poster for My Octopus Teacher Part 2

My Octopus Teacher Part 2
My Octopus Teacher Part 2 Poster Source- Imbd.com

Sneak Peek into the Past

The film shows a booming friendship between a filmmaker diver and an octopus.
Released in 2010, part one of the movie shows about Foster and how he began cold underwater freediving in kelp forests at the tip of South Africa. Kelp forests are an underwater area with a high density of kelp which covers a large part of the world’s coastlines.

So, Foster started underwater freediving. He used to film and capture his experience in the underwater world. While doing so, one day a curious young octopus catches his attention. He then started visiting her den and he also tracked her movements every day. After reading this for months, he finally was able to earn the octopus’s trust.

In this film, Foster explains how his connection with the octopus has changed his life in a positive way how it impacted his life. The film also shows an incident here the octopus defends herself from the pyjama sharks. While all of this, the octopus loses her one arm and then draws back to her den to regenerate the lost arm.

The octopus then decides to mate with other octopus and thus, she is able to produce a large number of eggs. After this, the octopus dies and a shark takes her body away.
Following this scenario, Foster describes the effect of his relation with the octopus on his relationship with his son. The film also shows his son’s development as a diver and student of marine life.

Renewal Status of My Octopus Teacher Part 2

Netflix released the first part of My Octopus Teacher on 7 September 2020. The movie is like a true source of entertainment for all the animal lovers as it describes the beautiful bond withing the two opposite creatures, i.e, an animal, and a human being. As the first part of this documentary movie was just released a few days back, so no predictions can be made for the second part of the movie. The viewers will have to wait to know about the further life of Foster.

Cast and What to Expect from My Octopus Teacher Part 2

Usually, a documentary movie doesn’t include a huge cast. So, as it is a documentary movie itself, the movie contains the diver himself, Craig Foster who recorded his life events under the deep water and an octopus.

In part two, we can expect to see more of Craig and his son named Tom’s relationship. The viewers might also see how he copes up with the death of his beloved creature friend. Tom, becomes a great swimmer and an underwater diver, so we may see more if his life.

Synopsis of My Octopus Teacher Part 2-

Part one of the documentary movie took the viewers into a world of two different creatures. A beautiful documentary showing how being different changes nothing if you really care about each other. Part 2 will surely continue to show the relationship between an animal and a human being. Although, we can’t say that the creature will be octopus again. Maybe part 2 will focus on Foster’s son, Tom and it will show how Tom will adapt to the lifestyle he’s provided with. It may show how he will follow his father’s footsteps as he himself will be an excellent diver.

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