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Is Alicia Sierra the Sister of the Professor, Truth Behind the Viral Rumor

Money Heist 

Money Heist
Money Heist Professor And the Famous Mask

The Spanish drama La Casa De Papel also known as Money Heist, is one of the trending shows on Netflix worldwide. Money Heist has broken many records, currently holding the most binged non-English show on Netflix. It’s fourth season is currently airing and has crossed more than 50 million views. The series is basically about a Mr. perfect, popularly known as the Professor. His tricks and plans are a treat to watch. It is a series based on working on a perfect plan and heisting along with other team members.

Alicia Sierra: The Inspector 

The fans of Money Heist have been obsessed with Alicia Sierra since the time she made her debut in the series. She entered the show in its third season and became a popular figure among the fans and the audience. Although, she is a very tough woman, with a cold heart. Furthermore, she is pretty much determined towards her work.

Alicia has been portrayed as a very cold hearted person who will go to any extent for her work to be done, and get the outcome she desires. Season four finale episode unleashed Alicia pointing a gun towards the professors’ head thinking him of as an enemy, but what if it turns out to be a sibling relationship? Are professor and Alicia really brother and sister?

Alicia Sierra
Alicia Sierra

In the series, Alicia has been depicted as a pure heartless person. The way she tortured Rio by burying him alive, starving him for food and keeping in a very compact tiny little space, astonished the audience. However, her extremely tough nature is leading people to assume that she might be blood related with Berlin and the Professor.

Theories and Predictions

A lot of theories and assumptions were made regarding Alicia in the show. Some people wronged her as Tatiana, Berlin’s wife. But this theory was smashed down in season four. People now believe that Alicia is still related to Berlin and the professor biologically. In season four, the Professor exposes Alicia of what she has done to Rio.

She chases him in his bunker and points a gun towards his forehead. Fans also consider Professor, Berlin and Alicia to be smart, intelligent, and have a boss like nature. This makes it even more predictable that they are siblings. Some say, that Berlin and Alicia may be twins as they are quite similar to each other.

Is Alicia Actually the Sister of the Professor? 

Money Heist
Money Heist Group

Well, this revelation will me made in the fifth and final season of La Casa De Papel or Money Heist. In the finale episode of fourth season, the gun pointing incident took place and moreover, the fifth season should begin from there itself. Some sources have also said that this fifth season will unmask the relationship between Alicia and the Professor.

Frankly stating, it is still unsure that they are siblings or not. Fans have already cooked up so many assumptions regarding this. A very unique situation can also present itself. In that, Alicia may be the lost sister and none of the crew knows about this. For this, you will have to binge season 5. Stay tuned until it releases.

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