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The One Season 1 Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect: Updated

The One Season 1 Poster 

The One Season 1 Poster 

Sneak Peek into the Past 

Sci-fi is a widely appreciated genre in the modern web series world. Netflix has announced a sci-fi web series named The One in 2018. The story is taken from a book. It is set in future, in that world, soulmates are identified through DNA tests. This show will have several twists and turns. The book had a huge fanbase, and they want to see their favourite novel on screen. We are eagerly waiting for the release. 

Renewal Status of The One Season 1

There isn’t any official announcement regarding the release date for The One. The series will have 10 episodes in this season. And the filming began on November 11, 2019. Since the announcement, a lot of time has been gone. Netflix hasn’t released any information regarding the series. But it is expected to release around the end of 2020. Let’s hope we get to see this series very soon. And Netflix won’t let us down with their technical skills. 

The One Season 1 cast

Cast and What to Expect from The One Season 1

Netflix hasn’t announced any official cast list. The production house has maintained secrecy regarding every section of the series. Even the information on social media platforms aren’t adequate. We have set our eyes on Netflix in hope for some information. Usually, it announces the cast list soon after the announcement of the series. But this time there isn’t any piece of news about this series. We expect some known faces reprise the leading roles in this show. 

Synopsis of the Show 

Howard Overman has written and created the series, The One. And the show is based on a book named ‘The One’ by John Mars. The show will be set in the future—several decades after numerous scientific breakthroughs. A technology is developed, first of its kind. In which we can identify our soulmates with the help of DNA testing. Isn’t the storyline interesting? We want to see this wonderful sci-fi thriller soon. 

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