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The Good Place Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More: Updated

The trailer of The Good Place Season 5

Sneak Peek into the Past

The Good Place season 5, The good place is a comedy and fantasy American show. Michael Schur creates it. The show even though a comedy-drama but is based on Utopian heaven-like place. And focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop, who is invited to a good place. A good place is a place where you go afterlife based on a numerical system, which is that the more good deed you did on earth the chances of you going to a good place is more. Or else you go to a place equivalent to hell.

However, after being sent to a good place, Eleanor realised that she was sent there by mistake. And now has to act to hide her mortal life behaviour and to become an ethical person.

Renewal Status of The Good Place Season 5

The Good Place Season 5 release date

The good place as a comedy fantasy show became a fan favourite in no time. But we have got some bad news for the viewers of the show. The Good Place season 4 is going to be the final season. The show’s producers have confirmed that there will be no season 5. This news comes as sad news as fans were eagerly waiting for another season.

Cast and What to Expect from the Next Season

With no season 5 on the plate, we do not know how things will be for The Good Place season 5. But the cast that is in the season 4 is very much likely to return if there is a 5th season. They are Kristen Bell, William Jackson, Jameela Jamil, D’Arcy Carden, and Manny Jacinto will be returning.

With no official statement, it is hard to predict what is going to take place. As the story can go both ways, the producers can take it another plotline or even start where they left.

The Good Place Season 5 cast


The Good Place season 4 will be premiering on September 26. And it will be the end of this memorable show that no doubt made us laugh and also emotional at some points.

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