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The Gift Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More: Updated

The Gift Season 3 Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

The Gift is the 2nd Turkish series that is streaming on Netflix. It is a supernatural-archeological genre-based psychological thriller series. However, the idea of The Gift (Atiye in the Turkish Language) is taken from a Turkish novel Dünyanın Uyanışı written by Şengül Boybaş. The Gift has dropped it’s 1 engrossing season, upto now, in December 2019. And now waiting for the 2nd season to get a release this year. Gonenc Uyanik and Ozan Aciktan direct it. Whereas Nuran Evren Şit and Jason George write it.

Renewal Status of The Gift Season 3 

As we all know and further on our website, it was informed that The Gift Season 2 would release on 10th Sep 2020 on Netflix. So, you can hook up with that season right now on the streaming giant. But here, we came up with another good news that the series is renewed for the 3rd and final installment as the official confirmed its renewal. However, we haven’t got any exact release date. But on speculating, it is for sure that The Gift Season 3 will drop in between Sep-Dec of 2021.

Cast and What to Expect from The Gift Season 3 

The expected cast in The Gift Season 3 includes the lead Beren Saat and Mehmet Guntur. We can also see Meral Cetinkaya, Metin Akdulger, Civan Canova, Basak Koklukaya, Melisa Senolsun, and Tim Seyfi are the names of few.

Form The Gift Season 3. We may expect some more secrets of Atiye with Temple to get discovered. Along with answering all the cliffhangers.

Synopsis of The Gift Season 3 

The story of a young and very beautiful painter of Istanbul named Atiye is showcased in the series. She has a loving family, a wealthy loving boyfriend as well. Her perfect life just changed when she gets to know about the secret of a symbol that connects her life with the oldest temple on Earth named Gobeklitepe.

Erhan, an archeologist, unearths about the symbol’s connection of Atiye to Gobeklitepe. After which she quest to unearth her past connections. Now, as Season 3 is the finale, so she would get all answers about her past connection with the symbol and temple.

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