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The Family Business Season 3 Release, Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More: Updated

The Family Business Season 3 Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

The Family Business is a family crime-drama series. Carl Weber’s crime novel series inspire it. Till now it has aired it’s 1st hit season in 2018, on BET. After getting a mixed review and critics, The Family Business dropped its 2nd season in July 2020. Th story of the series focuses on a family involved in crime. The family is the dealer of exotic cars. Now, after the 2nd instalment getting engrossing success. It is quite obvious that in the nearby future it will come with the 3rd instalment.

Renewal Status of The Family Business Season 3

The Family Business Season 3 release date

So, The Family Business Season 3 will have to wait long, to hit the Screen. As the 2nd season of the series premiered on BET, just a few months back in July. However, ss we all know that the corona pandemic trigger is delaying everything. So, after the pandemic production will start the shooting.

Followed-up by many processes and procedures. That will take a lot of time. And we cannot expect The Family Business Season 3 before late 2021 or early 2022. The expected time may be pushed due to certain circumstances. But, it is quite evident that BET will have its 3rd instalment.

Cast and What to Expect from The Family Business Season 3

the cast that may expect in The Family Business Season 3 includes Ernie Hudson can view as L.C. Duncan. In contrast, Orlando Duncan will portray by Darrin Henson, Armand Assante cast as Sal Dash, Emilio Rivera can be seen as Alejandro Zuniga, Consuela Zuniga by Yadi Rivera, and Valarie Pettiford can perform Charlotte Duncan. Also, there may be some new faces in the series.

From the 3rd instalment, we may expect much more family drama along with the advancement of crime.

The Family Business Season 3 cast

Synopsis of The Family Business Season 3

As we all know, Family Business is the adaption of the Novel. So, the series is set up in New York City. However, showcasing the story of the Duncan family, which has the business of dealership with exotic cars. The whole family is involved in the business. Hence the 3rd season may come up with a lot more, spices, and crime in dealing with cars.

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