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The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More

The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 2 Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

In the Netflix series The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Cole has killed Bee and other satan members. But we see that Bee comes out of the lake to save everyone. We see that Bee even survived a car blast. Police didn’t even find any bodies in the house, which can only mean that Bee has already taken them all with her. 

By the end, we see that Bee was able to hide from the Cult. And we see that Cole and Phoebe are getting close, and he lost his virginity to her. This will make the satanic members who drink his blood boil from inside. 

Renewal Status for The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 2 

As of now, there are no updates regarding The Babysitter Killer Queen season 2. However, the response was good, and the audience appreciated the storyline. So we may expect the good news anytime now. 

Cast and What to Expect from The Babysitter Killer Queen Season 2 

For the upcoming season, we will have the main cast back. And that includes Cole, Bee, Melanie, Phoebe, and many more.

In The Babysitter Killer Queen 2, we can expect Cole to have even more struggles waiting for him. Especially now that there are chances that Bee is more than just a demon. It is highly likely that Bee is also a high-ranking member of the Satanic Institutions. And in case she is, she might be responsible for recruiting new souls. 

A bee might also be the queen of Hell. Even though we previously saw that she was gone. But she kind of the main lead, so she will be back with even more troubles.

Well, we do have a lot of adventures to look forward too. 


The series The Babysitter Killer Queen is about a teenage boy Cole. He feels that everyone around him thinks about him as crazy. But nobody knows that he was a part of a failed satanic ritual with people from Hell going after him. 

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