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Resident Evil Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Poster, Synopsis and More: Updated

Resident Evil Poster

Resident Evil Poster

Sneak Peek from the Past

Netflix announced that they are developing a live-action drama on Resident Evil in August 27, 2020. This time the story is anticipated to be different from the previous movies. Some of the insiders are heard saying that the show will change our perspective on the Resident Evil franchise. And it will be better than the earlier works on this franchise. Resident Evil has a very strong fanbase around the worldwide through video games, movies, and comics. So, the expectations of the show are very high.

Resident Evil Poster

Renewal Status of Resident Evil Season 1

There isn’t any official date of release as it has just been announced. Netflix normally starts their projects very quickly and when it is a franchise like this they won’t let it sit. We can expect the announcement of the release date in the coming months. It is likely to release in 2022 but this is just a guess. The shooting was planned to begin around June and end within October 2020. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the shooting was postponed. 

Resident Evil Poster

Cast and What to Expect from Resident Evil Season 1

There isn’t any official announcement regarding the cast. Milla Jovovich has played the role of Alice in the movies for six times. We can expect her to be part of the show. Other members like Ali Larter as Claire and Spencer Locke as K-Mart is expected to be seen in the series. We hope to see this cast reprise their roles again for Netflix and carry forward the Resident Evil legacy. 

Resident Evil Season 1

Synopsis of Resident Evil Season 1

Andrew Dabb will be writing the scripts for Resident Evil Series. But we can expect to see the destruction caused by the T-virus and the darker workings of the Umbrella corporation. The series will work in two timelines. In the first timeline, Jade and Willie Wesker will be moving to New Raccoon city. And the second timeline takes place in the future where Jade tries to save the world from the T-virus. 

Resident Evil Season 1

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