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Rebecca Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More: Updated

Rebecca Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

Netflix’s Rebecca is the remake of the 1938 Gothic Novel named Rebecca, written by Daphne du Maurier. The idea of the film is based on the Novel. However, the series revolves around the 2nd Mrs. De Winter as she started her life with new hubby, Maximillian. But the new life of 2nd Mrs. De winter would not be able to escape from the ghost Rebecca.

Rebecca is the first wife of De winter. She died mysteriously. The screenplay of the series is written by Jane Goldman, Anna Waterhouse, and Joe Shrapnel. In comparison, it is directed by Ben Wheatley. Now, its time to see whether the remake and adaption are up to the mark or not.

Renewal Status of Rebecca

The giant streaming platform Netflix is all set to launch the freshly Ghosty series, Rebecca, as Rebecca is set to hit the screen on Oct 21, 2020. So free up some time to have some horror temperaments in your life.

Release date of Rebecca

Cast and what to Expect from Rebecca

The confirmed cast of the move based movie Rebecca includes the lead Mrs. De Winter, portrayed by Actress Lily James. Whereas Mrs. Danvers will show by Kristin Scott Thomas, Beatrice Lacy by Keeley Hawes, Armie Hammer cast as Maxim de Winter, Van Hopper cast by Ann Dowd, whereas Tom Goodman-Hill can be seen as Frank Crawley, and Jack Favell portray by Same Riley as well.

We can expect an excellent way of adapting and representing the 1983’s Gothic Novel Rebecca. In comparison, the ghosty scene must be feel like realistic.

Cast of Rebecca

Synopsis of Rebecca

However, those who have read the Novel got an idea of the storyline. So the story adaptation of the series will follow the exact lead of a married girl. While moving further in the movie, we would witness the lady needs to fight with the ghost named Rebecca. So, if you are a horror-holic, you must mus watch this remake.

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