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My Octopus Teacher Release Date, Cast, Poster, Synopsis and More: Updated

My Octopus Teacher Trailer

Sneak Peek into the Past

My Octopus Teacher is a true documentary series, which is going to stream on Netflix. Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed direct this docu-series. At the same time, it is written by Philippa Ehrlich and James Reed. This show is of 85 minutes duration, covering the relation and bonding between an octopus and human. Craig Foster is starring as a lead in My Octopus teacher. My Octopus Teacher will be in the English language, which is also named Mi maestro el Pulpo. So get ready to see an unordinary companionship.

My Octopus Teacher sneak peek

Renewal Status of My Octopus Teacher

The new Netflix series is in the pipeline. If you are an animal lover, this show is definitely for you. And the long wait for such kind of series is over. As a new original docu-series, My Octopus Teacher will hit the screen on 7th Sep 2020. So stuck with your chair and grabbed some popcorn to witness some different kind of experience.

Cast and What to Expect from My Octopus Teacher

As for now, the only information for the confirmed cast is Craig Foster. As this is a documentary, so, there may not be any other core cast. Some co-stars could be there helping Craig to shoot and dive in the deep freezing water.

This is something different from Netflix’s side. So, you may expect to witness the uncommon and rare companionship between humans and Octopus. You will be able to discover a new kind of bond between an animal and a human. The bond becomes so strong that the Octopus shows some signs to talk.

My Octopus Teacher release date

Synopsis of My Octopus Teacher

The plot is set in the deep freezing water of South Africa’s Kelp Forest, where Craig used to dive inside the freezing water for hours. To make bonds and relations with Octopus. And this took him a few months to make such a rare bond with an animal(Octopus). So, if you are an animal lover or not, no matter, keep your eye on to witness such originality in relation.

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