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La Revolution Season 1 Release Date Cast Trailer Synopsis and More: Updated

La Ŕevolution Season 1 Teaser

Sneak Peek into the Past 

In 2018, Netflix announced there plan about a historical drama. Later, it was revealed that a show about the French Revolution is in production, La Ŕevolution. Netflix France, along with other french projects, announced this show. The first teaser of La Ŕevolution was released in July 2020.

As written in the history books, this show will follow the events that happened on Bastille’s day. This day is known as an important date in the history of the French Revolution. The storming of Bastille, a military fortress and prison which began the revolution.

Renewal Date of La Ŕevolution Season 1

Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding the official date of release. But we predict it can come out somewhere around the end of this year. The shooting of this show began way back in 2019. Netflix even released a teaser in July on the day which ignited the French Revolution.

Moreover, the trailer mentioned an abrupt release date around October 2020. Earlier, it was announced the show would release it’s every episode on the same day. This was a boon for the historical show lovers. We are just waiting for this show to release and binge watches it on the same day. 

La Ŕevolution Season 1 release date

Cast and What to Expect from La Ŕevolution Season 1

La Ŕevolution is expected to release around October this year. And already it creating a lot of buzzes. For a long time, there wasn’t any news about the show. Even now there’s very less information regarding the show on any social platform.

Netflix has confirmed Amir El Kacem, Marilou Aussilloux, Lionel Erdogan, Isabel Aimé, Gonzalez Sola, Julien Frison, Doudou Masta, Dimitri Storage, Amélia Lacquemant, Coline Beal, Laurent Lucas, Gaia Weiss, Chiara Tantimonaco, Nina Tantimonaco, Pierre Andrau, Philippine Martinot and Jérémie Covillault will part of the show. 

La Ŕevolution Season 1 cast

Synopsis of the Show 

La Ŕevolution is based on the real events that happened during the French Revolution. The main theme is about the tale of suppression of the lower class from the aristocrats. And also about a mysterious virus, Blue Blood.

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