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Kiss The Ground Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More UPDATED

Kiss The Ground Poster

Kiss The Ground Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More UPDATED

Sneak Peek into Kiss The Ground 

With the rising issue of environmental change, a group of Hollywood royalists is presently given the responsibility of the ‘Ground Kiss’ task. However, the film revolves around a docu-film plot which will tackle various questions around the saving of climate.

As indicated by the official Summary, “Kiss the Ground” is a moving and phenomenal film that uncovers the handy primary issues of our atmosphere emergency. Although ‘Kiss the Ground’ reveals that we can totally balance out the Earth’s atmosphere, reestablish lost natural surroundings, and make bountiful food for us again gracefully.”

Release Date of Kiss The Ground 

Kiss The Ground release date

Netflix, part of the September Fall Slate, will have a debut premiere on September 22nd. However, the red-band trailer for the upcoming film has quite recently been released. Moreover, this prompts a clarification of the narrative, including how it influences present-day farming and soil.

Cast and What to Expect from Kiss The Ground 

With staggering filmography and visuals and shocking NASA and NAAA video clips. The film aesthetically demonstrates that environmental carbon emission are essential for the underground atmosphere issue. Although this film is expected to be the catalyst that brings about that change.

Moreover, Woody Harrelson is the storyteller. Moreover, the film will feature selected meetings heard by Woody Harrelson incorporating outstanding segments alongside Ian Somerhalder, Gisele Bündchen, Jason Mraz, and David Arquette.

However, directed as well as produced by Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell. Although the film stars Bill Benson, Ryland Engelhart, and Darius Fisher in the shoes of the executive producers.

Synopsis of Kiss The Ground 

As hinted by the name. However, the film is supposed to be the middle man in bringing about necessary changes in how we look at Earth. Moreover, we can save our Earth. We can become the hero that the Earth needs today, just by willing to be.

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