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Hyena Season 2 Renewal Status Release Date and What to Expect: Updated

Hyena Season 2’s Trailer

Sneak Peak into the Past

Hyena is the Korean-drama thriller series, which is directed by Jang Tae Yoo. Kim Roo Ri writes the show. Till now, it has dropped only 1 season, with gaining mixed critics. On Feb 21, 2020, Hyena started premiering on Netflix, with two episodes every week on Saturday and Sunday. However, the 1st season ends-up with a total no of 16 episodes. the story of the series revolves around two predacious lawyers. Both attorneys can do anything to win the case with always being on a peak in their dirty games. Also, the story moves further by blooming love between them.

hyena season 2 release date

Renewal Status of Hyena Season 2

As Hyena season 1 got mixed critics. However, the season ratings were average internationally. So, there is the full chance of the 2nd season. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any announcement by the officials. However, on speculating the situation and all the other consequences, we could not expect it before February 2021.

Cast and What to Expect from Hyena Season 2

The confirmed cast in Hyena Season 2 includes the lead Jung Geum-Ja by Kim Hye-soo cast and Yoon Jae-hee, portrayed by Ju Ji-hoon cast. Some of the other cast members include Ga Ki Hyuk, portray by Jun Suk Ho, whereas Hyun Bong Shik can be seen as Kim Chang Wook, Kim Min-Joo by Kim Ho-Jung, Lee Kyung-young can be seen as Song Pil-Jung, whereas Ma Suk Goo by Song Young Kyu as well.

We may expect some more supremacy battle between Yoon Hee and Jung Geum Ja. Following the temperaments of love and drama as well.

Hyena Season 2 cast

Synopsis of Hyena Season 2

However, the mixed critics and popularity left us thinking for Hyena Season 2. Besides, prequels showcase the battle between 2 attorneys. To prove their supremacy, they were going to any extent. However, on moving further, they fall in love. So, the 2nd season may hook the lead of romance and love between the couple and a lot more drama and dirty fights between them. 

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