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Freak You’re One of Us 2, Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect

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Sneak Peek into the Past

You're One of Us 2 release date

In Freaks: You’re One Of Us, we see that Wendy has immersed herself in training, and it does not give her enough time for her personal life. Meanwhile, her husband thinks that she is cheating on him. And at the same time, her son confesses that the change in her temperament has started to scare him now. 

Wendy later admits that she did have a thing for Elmar at one point, but she wants her family with her husband to be intact. Things start to get worse when Elmar shows up Wendy’s son’s birthday party. He tells her that Tramp has been arrested and talks about how he feels for her. Elmar’s unwelcomed arrival sparked a dispute between Wendy and her husband. During which she turns into some furniture. 

After Elmar’s menace, Wendy ends up at a psychiatric ward. To apologize to her, Elmar gifts her a walkman. He soon realizes that Wendy is prioritizing her family over him. Soon after, Wendy manages to escape the institution. 

Renewal Status for Freaks You’re One of Us 2 

As of now, there is no official news regarding Freaks You’re One Of Us 2. But there are high chances of that happening. The movie received a good response, and the audience liked the concept a lot too. In a recent interview, the filmmakers revealed that they do have many ideas that can be explored in later versions. 

So we can expect a renewal for Freaks You’re One Of Us soon. 

Cast and What To Expect from Freaks You’re One Of Us 2

You're One of Us 2 cast

Freaks You’re One Of Us has been pretty successful so far. So we will have the same cast back for the second run as well. The main cast includes Wendy, Elmar, Dr. Stern, and many more. We can expect a few new members in the cast as we go forward. 

The second run for the Freaks You’re One Of Us seems to be pretty shaky. The story ended when Dr. Stern killed the beggar. And Wendy managed to escape from the Mental Institution.

Synopsis for Freaks You’re One Of Us 2 

The movie is about a family with immense superpowers. However, the mother in the story realizes that the medications that she has been taking are holding her superpowers. Eventually, she becomes a part of a large conspiracy. 

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