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Family Business Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Poster, Synopsis and More: Updated

Family Business Season 2 Poster

Family Business Season 2

Sneak Peek into Family Business Season 2 

The French sitcom which is also a Netflix Original is set to be back again with its 2nd season. The French comedy-drama was revived after its massive appeal with its charming plot and humor. Season 1 was released on June 28, 2019. The success of this show has been mostly due to its innovative idea and its abundance of charming moments with the cast.

Renewal Status of Family Business Season 2

The renewal of this show’s second season has been confirmed. The shoot of the show had started in February this year. The date of release of the next season is released. It would air on 11th Sept. Luckily the filming of the show had finished in Europe before the pandemic took over.

Cast and What to Expect from Family Business Season 2

Family Business Season 2

The plot is based out of a family with a protagonist who is an unsuccessful business person, Joseph (Jonathan Cohen), who discovered that France is going to make cannabis legal. This fueled a groundbreaking thought into his brain to open a dispensary in his dad’s old butcher shop. With an interesting point on the humor and an unnatural family setting that made this web series commendable show accommodating. The official storyline isn’t yet been affirmed. All things considered, the following season will surely take things from where the last season ended.

The cast of the show would include the stars –

Jonathan Cohen in the shoes of Joseph
Gérard Darmon in the shoes of Joseph’s father
Julia Piaton in the shoes of Aure Hazan
Loius Coldfey in the shoes of Clementine
Lila El Arabi in the shoes of Aida

Synopsis of Family Business Season 2

There has been a massive demand for the second season of the show fueled by the growing popularity. Since the release date is set for 11th September, the fans are thrilled. Stay tuned for more updates!

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