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Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Poster 

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 poster

Sneak Peek into the Past 

On June 6, 2017, Tomorrow Studios announced they are developing a live-action television series on the anime, Cowboy Bebop. And later, Netflix joined in as their streaming partner. The story is set in the future around 2071, where it follows a bounty hunting group. They fight against several difficulties, and events from their past haunt them. The show involves many intergalactic travelling and adventures. 

Renewal Status of the Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season release date

Cowboy Bebop appeared as a television animated series the first time in 1998. Ever since the show has an immense fanbase. Then the show was turned into two manga series. In popular culture, Cowboy Bebop has been remade into games, films, and many more. But recently, live-action is announced, and it will be interesting to see real people play the characters.

The shooting began last year, and the second schedule was planned to start in April. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the shooting was forced to take a break. Though the makers have confirmed the shooting will presume from September and go till January 2021. There isn’t any offical announcement regarding the renewal status, but it is expected to premiere somewhere in the last 2021 or early 2022.

Cast and What to Expect from Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 cast

A lot of speculations were going around regarding the cast list of Cowboy Bebop. Many big names were linked with the series, but it was mere predictions. John Cho as Spike Spiegel, Alex Hassell as Vicious, Danielle Pineda as Faye Valentine, and Mustafa Shaki as Jet Black will be in this series. 

Synopsis of the Show

Cowboy Bebop lives action season Christopher Yost writes one. The main story revolves around a bounty hunting group, Bebop. Spike and his bounty group travel across galaxy’s and face several difficulties. Over time, Spike forms a rivalry with Vicious. 

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