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Biohackers Season 2, Renewal Status, Release Date and What to Expect

Biohackers Season 2

Sneak Peek into the Past 

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In Netflix series Biohackers season 1, we see that Emma was able to fool Lorenz. She runs away with the DNA samples that were Lorenz needed for his illegal experiments. We later see that Emma comes across a person who claims to have known her parents and is their confidant. 

While she believes the person blindly and gives him Lorenz’s secrets, he cheats her. The mysterious man ends up kidnapping Lorenz. Finally, we see that the kidnapper was Dr. Andreas Winter. He was a scientist who became a journalist later in life. With the DNA samples he received from Emma, he used it for his benefits. 

However, Andreas later realizes that Emma is more beneficial to him than alive. She is the only living subject of Lorenz’s experiments

Renewal Status for Biohackers Season 2 

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The Netflix series Biohackers Season 2 has just been confirmed. So we are indeed getting Biohackers for another season. Given the current situation, we might face some delays regarding the release for the second run. But we may expect Biohackers Season 2 by August 2021. 

Cast and What to Expect from Biohackers Season 2 

For the cast of Biohackers Season 2, we may have most of the cast coming back. The lead cast includes Emma, Lorenz, Jasper, Lotta, and many more. However, we can expect to see more people as we go forward with the story. 

In Biohackers Season 2, we may see how Andreas plans to use Emma for his experiments. Now that she is out in the world, she has even more enemies to face along with Jasper, who is bent on helping her. Well, Biohackers does have a promising season 2. 


Netflix series Biohackers is a sci-fi series. The lead character Emma goes on to do a degree in Genetic Engineering. She soon realizes that Dr. Lorenz might be why her parents and twin brother are not alive anymore. 

Over time her rage towards Lorenz turns to revenge. And she starts her journey towards finding evidence against him. She firmly believes that she will be able to prove that Lorenz is conducting illegal experiments on children. But will she?

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