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Away Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis and More: Updated

The trailer of Away Season 2

Sneak Peek into the Past

The streaming Giant is all prepared to take its audiences in a Journey beyond the planet earth’s sky. The new drama series will portray an astronaut who is spearheading a brave journey to Mars. The first crewed or, in this case, womanned mission to Mars. Well, a straight forward story, one would say. But not so quick. The twist comes when you realize that the astronaut are on the Moon. Simultaneously, waiting for blast off and a family emergency forces Emma Green our commender, to choose between work or family.

Away Season 2 release date

Renewal status of Away Season 2

The trailer that was released by Netflix does seem to have the potential of being a fan favorite. As the sci-fi community is huge and filled will some harsh critics with the show coming out tomorrow, that is on the 4th of September. Any announcement related to the future of the show shall be made only after the show is released. And how great fans are receiving it.

Cast and What to Expect from Away Season 2

As the show hasn’t been aired yet, the details remaining its plot or who we can expect to see as later as the story moves on. But the core cast that we know of through the trailer is Hilary Swank playing the role Emma Green. Mark Ivanir who plays the role of Russian Cosmonaut Misha. Vivian Wu as Chinese leader Lu, Ray Panthaki as Ram(doctor), and Ato Essandoh as Kwesi.

It will only be apparent about the next season after the outcome of the first season’s finale. But as things are going, the show is going to be a hell of a ride to space.

Away Season 2 cast

Synopsis of Away Season 2 

Away is going to be the biggest role for the two time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank this year. Swank can be seen as a stressed-out astronaut who is trying to maintain the balance between her family and work. But the dilemma of the work is that she as a commander of man’s first Mars mission. Got the eyes of the entire world on her and her crew stuck on the international space station. What will happen next will soon be known tomorrow. When the series will be up for binge-watching

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