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A Perfect Crime Release Date, Cast, Poster, Synopsis and More: Updated

A Perfect Crime Poster

A Perfect Crime Poster

Sneak Peek into the Past

Netflix is going to drop a new original docu-series A Perfect Crime. A perfect Crime is based on the genre of Investigative and Provocative. Besides, it is based on the real story of 1991’s murder of Detlev Rohwedder. He was a politician, whose murder was considered to be one of the most mysterious crimes of Germany. As no victim, no suspect was found involved in the murder. So, let’s wait to unearth your detective skills with this newest upcoming show, A Perfect Crime.

Detlev Karsten Rohwedder

Renewal Status of A Perfect Crime

After so many other detective crime series, Netflix is back with a real, political,  German docu-series. As the giant streaming platform, Netflix is all set to release A Perfect Crime on 25th Sept 2020. So, get ready with some pop-corn and stuck with your chair to not miss the upcoming event.

Cast and What to Expect from A Perfect Crime

As per now, there isn’t any cast revealed by the officials. There is no clue about the form. But as the movie is the docu-series so it will have the cast that will most probably cover the event that happened in 1991. There would be some cast portraying the role of Detlev Rohwedder. Also, there may be some cast performing the roles of detectives, investigating the case. There may be some cast portraying in the side roles. From A Perfect Crime, we may expect the crime and investigation to help your detective skills to open up with the movie. We may wish to discover the loopholes, which leads to the failure of detecting the killer.

Synopsis of A Perfect Crime

As we know the mysterious death of a German politician Detlev Rohwedder, in April 1991. That was killed anonymously in Dusseldorf. He was the Treuhand’s head. Treuhand was an Agency of the East German Reconstructing and Privatization. So, to catch the criminal, an inspection of the scene was made. However, the scene was having three cartridge cases, a towel, a letter, and a plastic chair. The responsibility was taken upon by a radical left terrorist group, Red Army Faction (RAF). RAF was also involved in killing 33 people in the year between 1971-1993. So, the movie will more likely cover it all the event.

A Perfect Crime Cast

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