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10 Things You Missed in Dark Season 3

Introduction to Dark Season 3 

Netflix series Dark became famous worldwide for its unusual concept of time travels and multi-dimensional universes. The story starts and ends with the heroes of the series, Jonas and Martha. While fans are waiting for Dark Season 4 or a spin-off, we have few things that you might have missed previously. 

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference

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  1. In the first season, Apocalypse was used only once when Ulrich lied to his wife Katharina about being late for breakfast. After him, the word was used only in Dark Season 2. 
  2. When Katharina smells Ulrich sweatshirt, we see a Helge ticket symbol on the kitchen wall. Helge was the character who was working with Noah to test the time machine. 
  3. The parallel world came out in the first episode itself. Martha had a little deja-vu, and that was our first clue. 
  4. Dark also represents a generational tragedy. In the picture attic, we see that Mikkel had a painting of Lacoön and his Sons,” which show agony and grief. 
  5. Mad’s grave had an infinity loop marked on it as his body was never found. It could also show Martha and Jonas’s world under time-travel. 
  6. Dark is pretty shady if you look at it. When Mikkel disappeared, Jonas asked Hannah if he had a secret. At that time, Hannah thought he was asking about Mikkel. But Jonas corrected her and said he was asking about his father. Eventually, they both learn that Mikkel was Jonas’s father. 
  7. The schoolteacher, while talking about symmetry, also talked about an infinite loop. Which again hinted towards Mikkel travelling time and the rest of the never-ending loop. 
  8. In the first episode of Dark Season 2, we see that the older Jonas looked at the spot of Martha’s death. 
  9. Regina and Claudia referred to a book called Ghosts. The book is actually about time-traveling children.
  10. In the first season, Torben said that Hannah was so pretty that she could have gotten any man she wanted. In Dark Season 3 final episode, we see her being married to Torben.


The series Dark got everyone confused and tempted to know more. And it ended with a lot of questions that the audience wanted to know. We don’t know if we’ll have another season or a spin-off, but we are curious forever. 

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