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Millie Bobby Brown’s Netflix Latest “Enola Holmes” Brings A New ‘Lady Holmes’ To Town

Netflix’s Enola Holmes is an empowering and energetic update of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic stories, however this team, the role is played by a woman.

What Is The Movie About?
The picture is set in a smoggy and muddy Victorian London. Furthermore, the film has the spirit of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It feels as if the movie was written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Enola Holmes begins with the presence of a ‘self-proclaimed’ heroine, the role of which is played by the very favorite Millie Bobby Brown. She disguises herself several times in the film. The most memorable was the one when she disguises herself as a widow. (The idea was people are uncomfortable around death. Therefore, they are less likely to be suspicious of her).
Enola Holmes
Moreover, she shows how proud she is of her ingenuity. Enola is an intelligent and an insufferable person. She’s confident, but not completely immune to self-doubt at occasions She’s a fully realized person. Furthermore, that’s all down to Millie Bobby Brown’s performance and the writing.

Is The Movie Worth Watching?

Enola Holmes can be called an unnecessarily convoluted tale. However, that doesn’t matter much. It is because even if you find yourself losing interest regarding the pivot mystery, you’ll always end up finding yourself engrossed by the characters and the relationships. The stakes are huge for the movie.

The film smartly focuses on Enola’s personal development. Some characters like Helena Bonham Carter’s Eudora will presumably be given more of the role in future installments of the same. Everything, including Henry Cavill’s mind-numbing acting, brings all the magic to this vintage tale. You sure won’t regret your time spent. The movie dwells on the vintage theme.

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