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Netflix Drops A Spooky Trailer For Horror Movie ‘Cadaver’ Just Before Halloween

Netflix is known for bringing great horrors to the table during Halloween season. One of the many such new movies coming this Halloween season is the Norwegian psychological horror-thriller Cadaver. What’s more, the official trailer has just arrived!

The movie is written and directed by Jarand Herdal. Furthermore, the theme of the film is set in the aftermath period of a nuclear disaster that wiped the majority of humanity.

What’s In The Trailer?

There are tonnes of post-apocalyptic films out there on the web. Many of them include creepy mask-wearing cult films. However, the two sub-genres of horror, namely thriller and cult, are very rarely seen together.

Cadaver is one of the first Norwegian Netflix Original films. Furthermore, the film sets to leave its mark. In the trailer above, a struggling family can be seen being lured into a large hotel. They are given the promise of “a small get-away from the horrible everyday life.” However, the distraction involves everybody wearing Purge-style helmets. It also involves them wandering through dark and creepy rooms. And take my word for it, it gets as scary as it can!

A Brief About The Storyline

“Jacob (Thomas Gullestad), Leonora (Gitte Witt), and their daughter Alice (Tuva Olivia Remman) are on the brink of survival. One day, a nearby hotel invites them to attend a theatre play. Moreover, there is also a meal included, as a charitable offering to help those in need. The family felt left with no choice and the three decided to go to the hotel. In the hotel, the director, Mathias (Thorbjørn Harr), showcases the entire hotel as a stage. Attendees are given creepy masks to help separate them from other actors. Furthermore, the play takes an eerie twist when audience members gradually start to disappear one-by-one. Sounds spooky right?

The cast of the movie includes Trine Wiggen, Maria Grazia De Meo, Bente Børsum, Stig Frode Henriksen, Jonathan Rodriguez,and Helge Jordal.

Cadaver will stream on Netflix on October 22. Check out the trailer below.

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