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Miley Cyrus’s Happening iHeartRadio Performance in Sheer-Outfit Stroming Internet

Miley Cyrus does know how to look different. The Malibu singer recently donned something sexy. This very look of hers has been blazing the internet like anything. She even went on to post pictures of her look on her Instagram profile. Fans of the songstress love this very avatar of hers.


Cyrus went on to perform at the 10th annual iHeartsRadio Music Festival. Her overall look for the award function was sexy. She wore a mesh general and performed. She just sizzled all along.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Miley channeled her inner Madonna with this very look of hers. Her overall look was a blend of everything starting fro retro fashion to contemporary fashion trends. She could be seen wearing a meshy headband with matching mesh stockings and gloves. Her busty display was making fans go crazy.

To top this look of hers, she has chosen a very extravagant prop. She lay on a red satin bed with was big and had an air of luxury to it. One could see a cheetah print blanket lying there o her bed too. Miley had even thrown some diamond jewelry. She did, indeed, look like a goddess in her Instagram post.

What’s Miley Cyrus up to these Days

Cyrus is about to release her new studio album. She has recently released its first single called Midnight Sky. The song was a wonderful one, indeed. Rumor has it that the songstress has included various pieces in her album that point towards her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

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Cyrus’s fashion sense is always unique. She dares to dress her won way. She does not care what others think about her. She goes on to do her thing, and that works for her. The meshy outfit of hers is indeed a brave choice. But Miley did wear it, and she looked just amazing.

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