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10 Things You Missed In This Is Us Season 6

Introduction to This Is Us Season

The Disney+Hotstar series This Is Us has been a fan favorite for some time now. It is a romantic-family drama revolving around two parents and a set of triplets. As of now, there are five seasons available to watch on Hotstar. And the This Is Us Season 6 is coming soon. 

Until then, we got some amazing facts that you’d be shocked to know about. 

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made A Big Difference

  1. Even though Mandy Moore is playing the role of a grandmother in the family, she is the youngest on the sets. She is just 34-years-old. 
  2. This Is Us was almost a story of sextuplets. Dan’s creator revealed that they initially pitched the idea of having 6 children who wouldn’t know that they were siblings. 
  3. The show bags the two firsts. Sterling is the first African-American actor to have received “Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series.” This Is Us itself is the first-ever series to have won SAG.
  4. The whole crew had a very tight contract to prevent them from sharing any information about the series. They even had codes for certain incidents.
  5. Chrissy Metz used to manage Hannah Zelia when the series was in the casting process.
  6. Kate is based on Dan’s sisters. She is also the consultant for This Is Us.
  7. The birthdays of the triplets are super crucial for the series. 
  8. As we have said before, Mandy Moore is pretty young. Sources reveal that it takes around 3 hours to turn her into a grandmother’s role with makeup and prosthetics. 
  9. Well, Kate isn’t alone. Randall by Sterling K. also requires 4 hours of intensive makeup skills to turn old. 
  10. During the scene when Rebecca realizes that Jack is dead was pretty authentic. In an interview, Moore revealed that in that scene, Milo was not supposed to be there. So when she saw her there, she was surprised. And that act made it to the episode.


The Series This Is Us is pretty famous and relatable amongst the audience. The family drama, along with light comedy, has made it a huge success. With season 6 coming out, the audience is even more curious. 

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