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10 Things You Missed in The Walking Dead Season 10

Introduction to The Walking Dead Season 10 

Netflix series The Walking Dead is a thriller series about the world is at the brink of a zombie apocalypse. The zombies, a.k.a walkers, march towards Earth and try to feed on live humans. And they are attracted to humans by their nose or different body scents. 

The series had perfect fun for 10 seasons. And it has been renewed for season 11. But until The Walking Dead Season 11 is out, we got you some amazing facts that you could binge on!

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference

  1. If you loved Daryl’s crossbow, then you can have it too. It is available for sale in Walmart for $300. 
  2. The Walking Dead was initially a canceled deal because the executives felt that it was way too violent. But, the rest is history. 
  3. Dale could be referred to as chicken. Because when the Zombies came to eat, everything they tore off from his body was mostly chicken breasts. 
  4. All the human meat that Zombies eat is ham soaked in vinegar. It looks like an actor’s life isn’t that yummy at all. 
  5. In the series, we see that Rick shot Sophia. But in the comic, Sophia is adopted by Glen and Maggie. 
  6. Throughout the show, the zombies were shown to have become greyer. It was to show the passing of time. 
  7. All the zombie noises that you hear in the show are effects. Zombies are told to be silent during the shoot, and the noises are added later. 
  8. During the show, Zombies are told to walk like they are coming out of the bar at 3 a.m and drunk. 
  9. Zombies cannot blink. So the actors are also told to try not to blink for some time. Any blinking that is caught during the shoot is edited in post-production. Well, that’s some good editing. 
  10. All the main characters in the series have a ritual called “the last supper.” So whenever any of them have a death scene in the story, to say goodbye, they have the last supper together. 


The Series, The Walking Dead, is a huge success, and as the storyline goes along, it will continue to be loved. It is only natural for the audience to be more and more curious about ten seasons so far. 

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