10 Things You Missed in Frozen 2

Frozen 2

Introduction to Frozen 2 

The Disney movie Frozen 2 is about a princess who has magical powers of turning everything and everyone to ice. Not being able to control it, she isolates herself. However, after a lot of hardships, she can manage it all and runs her kingdom with her sister. 

By the end of the movie, Else becomes an element of nature, her true destiny. Even though the movie sounds pretty simple, it got its secrets!

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference

  1. Elsa and Anna loved to play with snow when they were young. They made different creatures from on it, and some of them were Disney characters. In one of the scenes, we see Elsa holding Dumbo and Baymax on her side. 
  2. When Elsa and Anna were listening to the story of the enchanted jungle, there was a horse on her bedside table. We later see that horse was a representation of a mythical water-horse which took Elsa to her destination. 
  3. Disney always slyly showed that Elsa was the fifth spirit of nature. In many scenes, we come across a diamond which is arrowed towards a fifth sign. 
  4. Throughout the first movie, Anna was seen wearing a magenta coat. And then Elsa wore a Magenta cape too. Anna stopped wearing her coat when Elsa pushes her away. 
  5. When Olaf falls into the dirt while singing, there is a hidden image of mickey during the scene.
  6. In Frozen 2, it was shown that Anna takes the sword from Kristoff and moves it in the camera. Well, it rarely happened in the movie. 
  7. There was a reference to little mermaid when Elsa sees snow images in Ahtohallan.
  8. When Anna was told that she’d be the queen of Arendelle, her hairstyle matched her sister’s. 
  9. When Olaf dies in Frozen 2, he melted and was dotted with purple flowers. This is probably about the scene in Frozen when Olaf was finally able to feel warm and smell flowers. 
  10. Anna and Elsa’s first outfits in Frozen 2 shows that they’d get separated at the end. Anna wears a gown similar to the color of Arendelle, and Elsa wears a half-snowflake necklace. 


Frozen 2 is an animated movie that is loved and appreciated by all. It shows the power of a princess who everyone told was cursed but was the fifth element of nature.


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