10 Facts We Bet You Don’t Know about Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek Discovery


Star Trek Discovery is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action series created by CBS. The Star Trek Discovery story is set roughly a decade before the original plot of the Star Trek begins. Although, it follows the journey of the Crew over the USS Discovery.

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

However, Star Trek has always been a curious topic for the fans of the series. Here are a few facts of the series that you should know.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 cast

1- Talk about timelapse; normal series had time-lapse of 1 year, 2 years, or at maximum 10 years. But Star wars Discover season 3 is set nearly 1000 years after season 2. In the finale of the second season, it was shown that the Crew has died.

2- The season will portray a new character named Book. It will be played by actor David Ajala, a man with instead taste for danger.

3- Starfleet in season 3 may be a myth. In the trailer, we have seen Michael and Book discussing where Book taunt the believing in Star fleet as believing in ghosts.

4- This may be one of the most turning points of the season, as it seems like Sector 31’s Philippa Georgiou will be making an appearance in the series.

5- There will be a huge shift in the season 3 of star trek. It is reported that the season 3 may find Michael Burnham in a wholly new and different place.

6- According to our report, there will be several easter eggs relating to the previous star trek series.

7- Discovery season 3 will have at least one binary character or also known as Guest actors.

8- Even though the series has a release date of 2020, it seems that the show might be late as there are reports about the further delay in starting the production.

9- We may not see a lot of Cpt.Christopher Pike and Lt. Spock as they are left in the USS enterprise in the 23rd century.

10- The ban that was put on the discussion about the spore jump. May open up an avenue for discussion and even bring in line with canon.


Star Trek Discovery Season 3 release date

Star Trek is undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi space series, with the show being a legend among teenagers. Moreover, if you are also a fan of Star Trek, keep reading for more exciting news about the Star Trek Discovery season 3.


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