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10 Facts We Bet You Don’t Know about Outer Bank’s Cast


Outer Banks is an action, adventure, mystery, and teen drama series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate. It was first aired in April 2020 on Netflix.

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

Outer Banks undoubtedly has an exceptional plot, but it also has brilliant actors to implement the extraordinary plot. Here are a few facts about the cast of the series that you may not know.

Outer Banks Season 2 release date

1- Deputy Shoupe, who is played by Cullen Moss, is not a new face, but he has also started in many hit productions before joining the cast of Outer Banks.

2- This is a fact that not many people would know that Adina Porter, who played the role of Sheriff Peterkin. Her first acting teacher was indeed Butterfly McQueen.

3- Ward Cameron, played by the young and Talented Charles Esten. He needs no introduction; Charles Esten is a well-known musician he has been a songwriter and a singer for quite a long time now.

4- Drew Starkey has a big family secret, he may have grown up in North Carolina, but his father is the head coach of Women’s basketball at Kent state university.

5- The young and handsome Austin North has an appealing hobby; he loves to play the drums.

6- Jonathan Devis, who plays the role of Pope, actually worked at a store before hitting Outer banks’ success. He would perform odd roles to support his living.

7- Madison Bailey, who plays the role of Kiara, didn’t know how to drive. But just for the role of Kiara, she learned how to drive.

8- JJ played the tough Rudy Pankow. Well, he is no unknown to waters. He is a certified Kayak Guide.

9- Madelyn Cline was portrayed with dark hair color, but she has a lighter shade of blond hair in reality.

10- Chase Stokes playing the role of John B, well he is a poet and is also working on a poetry book.


Outer Banks Season 2 cast

Outer Banks is a series revolves around the adventure that a group of teen takes on. It indeed was successful in bringing a huge amount of fans to its list. And it is a definite binge its series.

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