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10 Facts we Bet You Don’t Know about I Am Not Okay With This


I Am Not Okay With This is a comedy-drama and coming of age series. The series is based on the comic by Charles Forsman by the same name. The show received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The series is currently canceled due to the pandemic.

Facts That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

The show, with a short run, is yet dipped in many unanswered. Here are some of the unknown facts that I am not okay with this that you should know.

1- Sydney’s younger brother Liam who is introduced sketching in his art book. But what is most interesting is that Liam is exceptional in the drawing. We can see it in his sketchbook by the way he draws the figure.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 release date

2- Stanley Barber may very well be a Ballerino, Stanely, who lives just a few blocks from Sydney’s place. Stanley, who is obsessed with Sydney, has another secret that he is a good dancer.

3- Liam has a higher emotional intelligence for his age; in the show, we have seen that Young Liam is always claiming his mother and sister. Liam is no doubt more mature then his age.

4- It is not new that Stanley is a good dancer, but he also has good music taste.

5- If you have a keen eye, you must have noticed this, there is a hidden Ode to The Breakfast Club in the series.

6- Dina, the best friend of Sydney, is a boundary pusher. On the other hand, Sydney respects others’ space, and Dina cares less and is a pushover.

7- Maggie Novak, Sydney’s mother, is doubt good. Her struggle to raise two kids after their father left says it all.

8- In the series, if you have noticed that Sydney loves reading Stephen King’s works.

9- Young Liam and Stanley are superhero fans. Well, what can you say to two young kids loving superheroes?

10- Stanely is in love with VHS; according to Stanely, VHS are the best platform there exist.


I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 cast

I Am Not Okay With This show that is sure to take you back to your teenage years. It is said that the show has to be canceled due to the pandemic, we can hope that the show returns with more excitement.

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