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New Uber Eats Advert Finds Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart Arguing Over Tomatoes

Star Trek‘s Patrick Stewart and Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill have come together for a new advert for Uber Eats.

The two actors are the most famous for fronting the two giant space franchises. However, they have finally united to debate the very crucial topic of how the word tomato is pronounced!

What Did All Happen in The Advert?

In a short clip of the advert uploaded by Hamill and Stewart, the Luke Skywalker actor can be seen facing the Jean-Luc Picard star. He does so as he insists that the word is proniunced in Americanised fashion ‘toe-may-toes’. However, a growing irate Stewart calls it as ‘toe-maa-toes’.

Hamill revealed on his Twitter that the full clip would be available to watch tomorrow (September 22), He wrote : “So @SirPatStew and I finally made it. Our @UberEats #ad will be out tomorrow. Here’s something while you wait.”

The actor populalry starred in the original Star Wars trilogy. He furthermore revived the role of Luke Skywalker for the very recent sequel of the trilogy.

Stewart acted as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Moreover, he recently returned to the role in new his new series Picard.

Will Luke Skywalker Appear in Future Star Wars Movies?

Meanwhile, Hamill recently decalred that it is unlikely that Star Wars fans will witness Luke Skywalker again in any further movies.

“I had a beginning, middle, and end,” he said. “Star Wars films gave me far more than I ever wanted or expected. When we started out, it never even occurred to me. However, my farewell was in Episode IX and it was the final one.”

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill clash in ad

He went on to tell as to why now was the correct time for a new generation to take over. He continued: “I love all those people and I certainly have a lot of love for George [Lucas] and the character he made.”

“I’m full of thanks and regards for the boost it has given to me and my career. However, I don’t want to be greedy. There are still so many more tales to tell and so many great performers to tell them to. They don’t need me.”

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