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Counting On’s Justin Duggar Might Be Planning A Second Surprise Courtship Announcement!

Duggar family supporters and the media strongly presume the Duggars will report a courtship between Justin Duggar and a young lady named Claire Spivey. This might be done on the September 22 episode of Counting On.

Counting On Justin Duggar

Justin’s reported love-life has gotten some heavy coverage in recent days. However, Jim Bob Duggar might yet have another surprise or two up his sleeve. Some of the fans think the family will be announcing a different kind of courtship on the upcoming episode. What’s more, we believe that more than one Duggar boy might be currently dating!

How did they find Justin’s possible “future wife”?

The Duggar family shocked their fans and followers when Justin showed up in a trailer announcing his upcoming courtship. It didn’t take much time for Duggar family fans to find the details about the woman that Justin is presumed to be “dating”. Not only have Justin and his ‘soon-to-be’ girlfriend joined Instagram, but a photograph of the two of them was used as a Google profile. However, the account did not seem to be using Justin’s authentic name. What’s more, even the image has been removed!

Will Justin Duggar really be making the courtship announcement, though?

Counting On and Family fans were shaken by the appearance of Justin in their forthcoming trailer. It was for a few reasons. One being that Justin hardly appears in the family’s show. Furthermore, he happens to be one of the younger Duggars.

If Justin is the one who will be sharing this courtship news, it would be the very first time a family member under the age of 18 has declared their romantic wanna-be. That’s why some family fans think that Justin was put in the trailer merely to throw fans off. Reddit users have a theory that one of Justin’s elder brothers has the announcement. Furthermore, they believe that Justin was on chaperone duty. The trailer was, after all, extremely edited and also seemed to be choppier than usual. Justin never claimed to be courting in the promo, either.

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