5 Fan Theories about The Dragon Prince Season 4 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Dragon Prince Season 4 

Introduction to The Dragon Prince Season 4 

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Series, The Dragon Prince, is an animated series in the huge library of Netflix. It is based on the hit Netflix series Avatar: The Last Airbender. It all starts with some kids fooling around. Callum and Ezran are playing around, and they see the Moonshadow elf. As they follow him, they find the Dragon egg lying around. And now they have to return it to Dragon mama Xadia.

At the same time, they also have to deal with Viren, who is not going to be too nice to them. And Callum who is learning magic. As of now, there are three seasons, and the fourth one is on the way. 

Meanwhile, we got some fan theories for The Dragon Prince Season 4!

Fan Theories That Will Get You out of Your Chair Right away.

  1. Since the series is a super success, the fan theories ought to be wild. One such says that Rayla might become one of the Dragonguards. Which is very much possible because in the previous seasons we did see her parents wearing the uniform. So it’s highly likely that she’d want to follow the same path as her parents. 
  2. In the last season, we realise that Xadia is not exactly a person but more like a location. And given the fact that the Dragon egg has to go to its mother, we can expect to see more of it in The Dragon Prince Season 4. We might also have some unique characters. 
  3. From the past three seasons, we have heard the name Earthblood Elves a lot. But we never really got around seeing them. Some fans are expecting to finally be introduced to them in The Dragon Prince Season 4
  4. The audience seems to love Startouch Elve Aravos and his magical powers. He is practically a very much loved villain in the show. So far we see that Viren has gotten himself into a cocoon which has left us with zero clues. So Aravos might want to take his body.
  5. We still don’t know what exactly happened to Rayla’s parents. There are speculations that they aren’t exactly dead but somewhat trapped. Some fans theories say that they are trapped in Viren’s coins. 


The Dragon Prince is filled with mysteries and magic. While the fourth season is yet to come, we get to explore some of it in the theories. 


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