5 Fan Theories about The Crown Season 5 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Crown Season 5

Introduction of The Crown Season 5 

Netflix series The Crown has been a fan favourite since the first season. There are very attempts on the portrayal of the royal family in Birmingham, and the audience has always been curious. Well, The Crown came around the right time. 

The Crown revolved around the life of Queen Elizabeth II who took the throne soon after her marriage at a very young age. And her life as a young queen and a new wife hasn’t been a bed of roses. From world politics to internal politics to all the family drama, The Crown covers it all. Till now, there are four seasons available on Netflix and The Crown season 5 is yet to come. Here we have some mind-boggling fan theories! 

Fan Theories That Will Get You out of Your Chair Right Away

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Answers await in this episode of Beneath The Crown.

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  1. The Crown usually goes on the timeline of decades per season. So in the upcoming season, fans suggest we can expect the timeline of the late 1990s. The Crown season 4 covered the 70s-80s. 
  2. So far in the series, we see that the actors are changed in every two seasons to ensure that it is as realistic as possible. In the first two seasons, Queen Elizabeth II was played by Claire Foy. Then The Crown season 3 and 4 was played by Olivia. So we can expect the actors to change in the next two upcoming seasons too. Reports suggest that Imelda Staunton will be taking over as Queen Elizabeth II. 
  3. Fan theories suggest that The Crown Season 5 will be the one that finally takes the series to the 21st century. 
  4. Fans even guess that the upcoming season would be pretty dramatic. As the decade was filled with controversial speeches and the divorces of three royal members. Then there was also a fire at the Windsor Castle. And this forced the Queen to open the Buckingham Palace to the public to help with the funds. 
  5. The audience is also expecting the makers to show the death of Princess Margaret. Along with the time when Prince Willian met Kate Middleton. 


The Crown has a solid fan following, and the creators are always trying to keep up with the expectations. But with every successful season, fans seem to be expecting more and more. 


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