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5 Fan Theories about Rick and Morty Season 5 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Introduction to Rick and Morty Season 5 

Netflix animated series Rick and Morty have a huge fan base. The story revolves around the fun adventures of Rick and his grandson Morty. Rick is a scientist and keeps making something. And not always does he have the best inventions. Here and there he keeps messing around while Morty never loses his side. 

There are four seasons of Rick and Morty, and the fifth one seems to be taking some time. But till then, we got some of the fan theories that might be true! 

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away 

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  1. The first fan theory is Rick and Morty would only be eight seasons long. There are eight train cars in the series, so it is highly likely that the season would end at 8. 
  2. Not all the episodes in the series are serialised. Some stories end in just one episode, and they don’t exactly fit in with the actual sketch. Some fans are expecting more sequenced storylines in the upcoming seasons. 
  3. In most of the story, Rick is pretty much cold and different. Some theories suggest that his warm heart during some of the hero phases that he went through. But he does care a lot about Morty. And in the future seasons, his love for Morty could become his strength. 
  4. A dark fan theory suggests that Rick is the future self of Morty. Rick is in a time-travel loop, and he keeps trying to get back or fix everything that he didn’t have in his childhood. So when Rick dies, Morty would take over his name and be like him. 
  5. Another dark theory says that Morty could turn evil. Even though Rick cares about Morty but there have been times when he has left him to fight the evils alone. And over time, Morty might turn bitter towards him and become evil against his plans. 


Rick and Morty have hundreds of fan theories over the internet. Well, we don’t know which ones are true, but the creators do have a lot of expectations to stand up to. 

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