5 Fan Theories about Dark Season 4 That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Dark Season 4

Introduction to Dark Season 4 

Netflix series Dark is all about multiple time dimensions and a time series. The series starts with a boy being trapped in the past, and in the future, he ultimately dies by suicide. Later, it all comes down to two lead characters Jonas and Martha, to fix all the wrongs and stop the time travel. But in every season, they get betrayed by their future selves and the futures of other people. 

Although the series ended with season 3, fans are expecting another season or at least a spin-off. And with all the fan theories, the makers might find some suggestions coming along. 

Fan Theories That Will Get You Out of Your Chair Right Away

  1. The season ended with Martha and Jonas stopping the scientist from making the time machine in the first place. And then a storm comes, and it takes them away. So there are chances that they are actually not dead but maybe stuck in a different dimension. 
  2. By the end of the series, we see that Hannah was pregnant with a baby boy. But this time the father was not Mikkel. It was Torben Möller. And we see that she named him Jonas. Some fans are speculating that the new Jonas could bring out a different story. 
  3. We never really know what happened to Torben. In the start of the series, he wore an eye patch. And in the second dimension, he had a broken hand too. So we don’t know what happened to him. 
  4. If the time travel has stopped altogether, then what happens to Martha and Jonas? Fans want to know if they would still be together or would they have a completely new character. 
  5. And above all, what would the new Jonas look like? Since Mikkel is not the father, new Jonas would be different in all the future selves. 


As of now, the creators of Dark have no plans for season 4. The producer even revealed that they always wanted Dark to be three-season series. But given the popularity, there are chances that we might get another season or a spin-off. Nothing is official as of now. 


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