10 Things You Missed in Money Heist, These Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Money Heist


La casa de Papel or famously known as Money heist is a Spanish crime, heist and hostage series. Created by Alex Pina and follows a long heist that is orchestrated by The Professor.

10 Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference

Money Heist is a show that revolves around a codded gang of robbers laying a heist in the Royal Mint of Spain. However, there are many unknown facts about the show that would blow your mind.

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1- The iconography of the show has inspired many such protests and believe it or not burglary attempts as well. Moreover, the red jumpsuit and the Dali mask has appeared in many protests in Lebanon, Iraq, France and Chile.

2- The iconic song Bella ciao was the song of protest. Long before Money Heist as late as the second world war this was a song of the peasant and the student class. Was a war song against the Fascist regime of Mussolini.

3- The third and the fourth season of the Money Heist made the break-in into the Bank of Spain as realistic as possible. After not getting the shooting permission from the authorities to shoot inside the building of the Bank of Spain.

4- The show depicts the professor as a Nerd, well you may not be entirely wrong in this, as the professor was initially made out as a loser and a nerd.

5- Anything underwater is complicated the scuba and the money throwing scene primarily. These two were the most complicated one as they have to make many things correct.

6- The complexity of the plot might make one think that the show is writing much before the filming. But in reality, it is written parallel to shooting to give flexibility to the writers.

7- Neyman Jr, the football megastar has a cameo in the show, as a Brazillian monk.

8- The series is the most-watched Netflix show in at least 6 countries.

9- The show’s first season was shot entirely in Madrid Spain. Although, it was after Netflix adopted the show it started exploring other avenues.

10- The professor has a secret city name. And it is The Vatican, which may be a surprise but the truth.


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The show has set its benchmark from being almost cancelled to being the most-watched series on Netflix. And the finale season approaching its time to re binge the series from the first again.


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