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10 Things You Missed in Derry Girls, These Will Surely Blow Your Mind.

Introduction of Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a British Comedy and adventure series that is created by Lisa McGee. Hat Trick Productions produce the series, and the plot of the series is based in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s. The show was initially broadcasted in January 2018 on Channel 4.

Things You Didn’t Notice and Made a Big Difference.

Here are some memorable moments from the Derry Girls that you might have missed.

Derry Girls Season 3 release date

1- It has to be the Road to the Take that concert. In the second season, we have seen that the girls and James were all set to attend a concert in Belfast. The concert was by their favourite band named Take that. But as it turns out, unfortunately, a Polar bear gets loose from the Belfast Zoo. And hence Aaron’s mother doesn’t allow the team to travel to the concert.

2- This has to be the time when Joe got a new girlfriend. And later admits that he has a new lady friend.

3- We can’t miss this one it was a hilarious the time when Virgin marry cried. But the real reason was a dog that pee upstairs and it leaked through the roof.

4- The moment when marry put a curse on her Aunt. It happened in the party when things get heated up between Marry and her Aunt and when she tells her in anger to drop dead.

5- The moment when Claire came out clean. After she wrote an anonymous letter to Aaron, who was the editor of the school newspaper.

6- The time when the girls cleaned the chippy. To collect fund to pay for their Paris trip and the girls had to clean the chippy.

7- We cannot forget the talent show. When the school came up with the talent, show that episode surely is a memorable one.

8- The time when James showed up to take Aaron to prom. But it seems Aaron had already given her words to Claire.

9- This place goes to sister Declan, in episode 1 when the girls were given detention under Sister Declan. And Aaron tries to escape.

10- The last one has to be when President Clinton was supposed to come to Derry to Speak.


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Derry girls is a comedy series and are going to give you a good time. If you haven’t watched it yet, then you should 100% binge it.

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